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14th, January 2020

The essential Smartwatch guide for 2020

Smartwatches are considered a new trend of having an accessory that is unique and useful for being a little assistant. With a smartwatch, you will have access to different features that will help you to monitor your sleep, your activity measures and your heart performance. This information could be shared with your doctor for inspections. It can also help you with your daily routines by waking you up at the morning, planning your day and even making your calls. The surprise is that there are many types of these smartwatches that come at outstanding prices except some models that are customized for high-end users.

Nowadays, you will find these smartwatches available everywhere either in physical shops or online stores. Not to be confused, we will consider 5 of the best smartwatches you can choose between.

Best Smart watch models

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

samsung galaxy watch active 2If you have an Android smartphone, don’t miss the opportunity of linking it to the Galaxy watch Active 2. It has a 2 day lasting battery. You may think this battery is not good enough. But in fact, this smartwatch operates more efficiently than many other smartwatches with better batteries. Its features will not overuse the power. It also comes with an appealing design and two main sizes to fit all waists.

The price of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is about £260



Fitbit Iconic

fitbit iconicThis smartwatch is customized more for runners as it is supplied with approximately all features related to activity tracking in addition to being built-in GPS. It will encourage you to be always active and to practice workouts regularly with the ability to store up to 300 of your favorite songs and chose from different apps like Runkeeper, Strava and Weather.

The price of Fitbit Iconic is about £250



Apple Watch Series 5

apple watch series 5Among all apple smartwatch series, the series 5 is considered the best of them, it is the latest version and is expected to last for long as the best apple smartwatch. This one is perfect for iPhone users and it could also be used for Android users. The series 5 is considered the last but not the only improvement Apple has made for this smartwatch series. Budget considerations are also included as you have access to different price ranges depending on luxuries added to the smartwatch. What is good about this model is to have the same design for the base and the less expensive version.

The price of Apple watch series 5 is about £429


Huawei Watch 2

huawei watch 2The Huawei watch is known by its classy design. However, the Huawei watch 2 may be less classy than the original one. The style may not be the core advantage of the Huawei watch 2 but it is a strong competitor in terms of hardware and software. It connects using different technologies like 4G technology, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. So, you may find yourself depending a lot on this smartwatch instead of your smartphone. The fitness tracking sensor makes it also a better option for sports people.

The price of Huawei watch 2 is about £339



Fossil Gen 5

fossil gen 5This smartwatch relies on OS system and Snapdragon Wear 3100 which make it a strong competitor to Samsung and Apple smartwatches. The Gen 5 model is an improved version that adopts fast charging and uses smoother user experience that tends to narrow the gap between top competitors.

The price of Fossil Gen 5 is about £235



Are smart watches worth it?

Some people may think that smartwatches are a waste of money without even thinking about the advantages they may gat by owning a smartwatch. Just give you the opportunity to read about these advantages before setting your mind. The following benefits may persuade you to go for it.

  • A travel guide: a smartwatch can sometimes know more than you do. When you use this invention to help you with directions, you will receive vibrations if you missleaded your way while driving. So, you shouldn’t always look at a map while driving.
  • Track your fitness: with a smartwatch, you will be able to track your fitness progress. So, when you set targets to achieve a specific goal such as setting distances to run, calories to burn and heart rate to reach, you will easily track this with your smartwatch.
  • See social media notifications: some smartwatches will only let you see social media notifications while others will let you interact with them. This advantage will be perfect when you are busy doing something and have no time to pick up your phone.
  • Be connected for longer time than your phone: you may think that having a smartwatch is useless if you already have a smartphone, but if you thing about the long lasting smartwatch batteries that will keep you connected for a longer time may change your mind.
  • Find your phone: this feature is available for most of smartwatches, you can use it to connect your phone to your smartwatch and make your phone ringing when you don’t find it.
  • Receive calls and send messages: using a smartwatch may reduce your dependence on your phone. You will feel how much useful is this advantage when you answer calls while exercising without the need to get your phone out of your pocket.

How long do smart watches last?

The wide range of available brands of smartwatches make it difficult to set a specific battery life for all, but in average they may last for 2 days. The battery life has no relation with the quality of the smartwatch, you can find top brands like Samsung and Apple struggle to provide smartwatches with better battery lives. However, you may find brands that are lower in technology provide smartwatches with batteries that last for weeks. To save your effort of searching, we will introduce some of these long-battery-life smartwatches that will exempt you from worrying about the next charge.


  • German Vivoactive: it lasts for up to three weeks but consider using GPS only when it is required.
  • TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music: it lasts for up to 3 weeks but with reasonable usage.
  • Pebble Time Steel: it lasts for up to 10 days until you need to recharge it.
  • Vector Watch Luna: it last for up to a month thanks to the main focus on the battery life.
  • Matrix Industries BlackOps: it lasts forever as its battery is charged by your body heat without the need of a power supply.

When you think about best smartwatch deals, you have two main directions, either to focus on brands that introduce smartwatches with higher technology and better features or to focus on brands that are lower in technology but better in battery life.