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10th, December 2019

Visit the Land of the Pharaohs: Egypt

After months, spent in hard-working days, every one of us is waiting for the deserved holiday that will make it possible to forget about the stress and the busy daily routine.

 Some may prefer to stay at home and enjoy the cosiness of their living rooms, while others may choose to amuse themselves while visiting new places and experiencing interesting and thrilling adventures. Choosing a holiday trip would be a very suitable way to get off the tension and will definitely diversify your life. 

Many people choose to go on holiday because they are curious to visit places they have never been to before and to see other cultures different than their own. Many destinations around the globe are very popular and attract many tourists not only because they are exotic, but because they have quite a rich and interesting history. 

One such destination is Egypt. In fact, it is among the most visited countries in the world because it offers you to get in touch with the amazing ancient civilizations that built the pyramids and gave to the world many inventions and a vast cultural heritage - from ancient hieroglyphics, arts and architecture. 

And most probably you are among those who want to be able to visit this amazing destination. And if you do want to make a trip to Egypt, be sure to read this article to learn what would be the best options to stay and travel there, as well as what is the best time to go there and what are the latest visa and passport requirements in order to be able to visit Egypt. In addition, we will give you a piece of advice on how to plan your trip and what to pay attention to when choosing a flight, hotel, local transport or tourist guide so that you will be able to make a saving while at the same time enjoy a good holiday there.

Plan Your Trip Carefully in Advance

In order to be able to spend a good time in Egypt, we advise you to take some time to get to know the country better.  Most of us have probably heard about Egypt, but maybe we don’t know so much. It is always good to learn about some specific county and national details in advance in order not to get in confusing situations when we get there. Try to learn something about the people - their religion, habits or what is considered good and bad according to their customs.

You can check in advance the location of each place that you wish to visit to know the distance between each of your top locations. This can later be useful if you are about to travel by local transport. Look for approximate prices for public transport too. Thus, you will avoid the chance of being cheated which can later save you time and money. This applies also for the fees for museums, the pyramids, etc.

Check Passports or Visa Requirements

Egypt is not in the European Union, that’s for sure. This means that you should either have a valid passport or you will need to have a visa, in order to go to Egypt. British passport holders need a visa if they want to travel to Egypt. You can get a visa prior to your trip to Egypt or you can get a visa on arrival at approved bank kiosk at the airport. However, we advise you to get the visa before you go, in order to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. 

Check Flights and Tickets

Usually, low-cost airlines offer services to top destinations, so most probably it will be easy for you to find a cheap flight. However, have in mind that it is good to book your flight earlier because tickets may be cheaper if purchased a few weeks earlier. In the table below, you can compare the ticket price range from different UK cities to Egypt:

UK City Departure

Average Price to Egypt


from £310


from £275


from £333


from £348


from £386

Find Convenient Hotel

This should not cause any problem. Egypt is a great tourist destination and there are plenty of affordable accommodations in the area around the top locations in the country. Consider choosing a trustworthy online platform to compare the prices and the condition of the hotels. You will surely be able to find affordable propositions and make a quite reasonable saving. 

Check Local Transportation

Depending on the location of your accommodation, you will inevitably have to travel a certain distance in order to be able to visit the places that you want. This means that you will have to either use public transport or rent a car. If you are about to choose the first options, it would be good to be able to check what would be the ticket price if you will be using public transportation (bus, taxi or a camel) to go to a given tourist destination. Another thing that you can do is to rent a car. This you can do when booking your flight or upon arrival at the airport. Compare the prices, as this option may turn out to be more convenient as well as cheaper. 

Another thing that you may think upon is whether you will need a tour guide. He/she will help you reach to the top locations faster and will at the same time inform you about various interesting facts. However, if you think that this will be a useless additional expense, you can count on a GPS, map and the informational screens that are located at the most visited locations.