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11th, August 2020

Designer glasses

In the past, people were wearing glasses only to help them to see well, but people now wear designer glasses because they allow them to look stylish as well as improving their sight. So, when you look for the right pair, you should consider the design of glasses to fit your own style. Because designer glasses have become too popular, their prices have risen up. But, there is still different tips you can follow to find cheaper deals.

In this topic, we will start by introducing most popular brands to consider when you shop for a designer glasses. Then, we will let you know how much designer glasses cost and how to save on them. Finally, we will introduce best places to buy designer glasses from.

Most popular brands

The popularity of designer glasses encouraged a lot of brands to get in the competition. Now, there are hundreds of brands competing to provide top quality and best designs of designer glasses. Here are 5 of the top designer glasses brands all over the world


Prada is an Italian brand that was founded by Martino Prada in 1913. From that year to 1999, Prada was producing clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories. Then, it began to enter the market of designer glasses. Now, Prada is one of the best brands producing high-quality glasses. Its products is characterized by their geometric shapes and oversized frames. It serves both men and women. The collection of designer glasses provided by Prada is balanced, it comes with cat-eye frames, round frames, and rectangle silhouettes.


Michael Kors is an American designer who began with designing clothes since his 19th. The brand established its name in 1981. Since then, Michael Kors attracted the crowd with its collection of eyewear. His eyewear collection is characterized by their classic frames and added details. The most popular form is the oversized sunglasses. It serves men and women by sunglasses and women only by prescription eyeglasses. The most popular models of the brand include Michael Kors MK5004 Chelsea and Michael Kors MK4016 Antibes.


Gucci is an Italian brand that was founded in Florence in 1906. But, it was producing bags, shoes, and luggage. Since 1990, it began to produce designer glasses as well as perfumes and cosmetics. Now, Gucci provide designer glasses that are considered as a sign of wealth for both men and women. The line for men is characterized by metal glasses with acetate frames while the line for women in characterized by Bold-framed.


DOLCE & GABBANA was founded in 1985 by the Italian designers Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce. At first, the brand was focusing on perfumes, underwear, and swim suits. In 2010, it began to produce designer glasses that succeeded to impress people by their dramatic look. The brand produces prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses for both men and women and the most popular products are Dolce & Gabbana DG4268, DG5025, and DG4345.


Fendi is an Italian brand that was founded in 1925 by Eduardo Fendi and Adele. The brand is known for its fashionable clothing items as well as its stylish designer glasses. The brand serves both men and women and its most popular products include Fendi 0128/S and Fendi 0130.

Average cost of designer glasses


Before buying a glasses, you will be required to run an eye test to get a prescription. This prescription last for 2 years but it may last only for one year if you are over 70 years old. It costs from £20 to £30 to run an eye test. However, there are some cases allow you to run an eye test for free.

After getting your prescription, you can use it easily to buy a glasses online by uploading it. Buying online allows you to compare many offers to find the best deal. Prices of glasses usually start from £25. However, you may find some few deals for lower prices. But, top brands are actually more expensive. Considering the designer glasses, they cost a little bit more, a designer glasses starts from £62 at cheaper brands, £210 at average brands, and more if you willing to buy a highly rated designer glasses from top rated brands.

How to find cheaper deals


Designer glasses have become more expensive than before. So, you need to follow any possible tips that help to get better deals or avoid unnecessary costs. Here are 4 major tips people usually follow to save on glasses.

Don’t buy from your eye doctor

A big mistake many people make is to buy their designer glasses directly from their doctor after running an eye test and getting a prescription. This deprive you from shopping around and taking the advantage of better deals. So, you should only take the prescription from your doctor and look for better deals from other stores.

Get a free eye test

People pay to get a prescription to know which lenses are suitable for their eyes. But, there are some ways that allow to run an eye test and get a prescription for free. As an employee, if you work regularly with a computer, you can ask your HR manager about a permission to run an eye test and transferring the cost to your company. Another option is shopping around for deals that let you run an eye test for free before buying a designer glasses.

Don’t buy from your eye doctor

A big mistake many people make is to buy their designer glasses directly from their doctor after running an eye test and getting a prescription. This deprive you from shopping around and taking the advantage of better deals. So, you should only take the prescription from your doctor and look for better deals from other stores.

Buy your glasses online

Some people are caught up by physical stores on the streets and some others don’t believe that they can find a fit designer glasses from online stores. But in fact, uploading your prescription document on an online store while shopping around is enough to find a fit glasses. Buying online will help you to benefit from discounts and lower prices.

Reuse your frames

A prescription is usually renewed after 2 years. The new prescription document requires you to change lenses of your designer glasses. Some people change it totally. But, you don’t need to change frames of your glasses. So, you can save your money buy only replacing your lenses with new ones using the same frames.

Where to buy designer glasses

Unlike buying designer glasses from physical stores, online buying will make let you choose from a wide range of brands for competitive brands. You will also avoid the overhead of physical stores, you will take your time while shopping around comfortably until you reach your own final decision. Here are 4 of the best online retailers to consider.


In, you will feel as if you are shopping in a boutique. This retailer focuses primarily on stylish designer glasses. So, you will find a wide variety of frames that come in different shades sharing an elegant beauty. Considering the quality of its glasses, they come with coatings that are anti-scratch and anti-reflection. They also protect you against UV rays. Before buying from, you will need to run an eye test because it requires a prescription that is 2 years old at most. offers a pre-buy service that allows you to select 5 glasses for shipping in order to try at first before buying. Then, you will be required to send them back in 5 days. In, the average price of designer glasses is £95 and you can return back your order within 30 days.

Fashion Eyewear


Fashion Eyewear allows you to customize your designer glasses. You will need to upload your prescription to choose lenses which are suitable for your eyes. Then, you can choose frames with the suitable color that matches your preference. Unluckily, the website doesn’t offer a pre-buy trial. However, you can easily return or exchange your bought designer glasses if it doesn’t fit but you will bear delivery costs. Prices in Fashion Eyewear starts from £30 and you get free delivery on your order if it’s over £180.

Superdrug Opticians


Superdrug Opticians, you will have a wide range of designs to select from. You can select from bold designs, thick designs, or metallic ones. Not to be confused, the website allows you to filter by gender, material type, style, and shape of frame. You can choose from many different brands including Guess, Cavalli, and Marciano. Both glasses that require prescriptions and those which are sold without prescriptions are available on the website. The website make it easy to imagine the glasses on your face because it has a 360 view that allows you to see how the glasses looks like on female or male face. There is also a virtual mirror that allows you to upload your image and put the glasses on it to see how it will look like in reality. In Superdrug Opticians, you can find designer grasses for as cheap as £30.

Glasses Direct


In Glasses Direct, you can easily find what you are looking for because sections are market clearly to make it easier for visitors to navigate. Furthermore, you can use filtration to narrow down your search. Prescription designer glasses are available on the website with single vision, bifocals, and blue reflection. But, Glasses Direct charges extra cost for blue light coating. You need also to make sure that your uploaded prescription document is 2 years old or less. On the website, you will find over 400 frames from which you can buy multiple options and getting them delivered for trial. Then, you can return what is left within 7 days after selecting your preferred one. Average prices in Glasses Direct range from £20 to £120. But, your order should be at least for £85 to enjoy the free delivery service.