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11th, August 2020

Electric heaters

Keeping things warm is a primary need for the majority of citizens especially in cold winter weather. So, a means for heating should be considered to fulfill your home need of warmness. But, a lot of people don’t live in areas where there is gas heating. So, an alternative electric heater would be the best choice for them. Electric hearers are commonly used in most of modern houses because they have a lot of benefits. Having an electric heater at your home helps to control the use of heating. It can target a specific area at home rather than using it for the whole house.

In this topic, we will differentiate between different types of electric heaters and we will introduce top 5 options to consider in the market. Then, we will discuss the average cost of using an electric heater to warm your house. Finally, we will mention tips that help to avoid the waste of heat.

Types of Electric heaters

There is a wide variety of electric heaters in the market making it difficult to choose the right one for you. But, when you know different features of their types, you can be focused on the specific type matching your needs.

Fan heaters


In normal conditions, hot air rises to the ceiling. So, you can’t feel warm when regardless where you stay at home. A fan heater works as well as air-conditioning. But, it circulate hot air around your home rather than cold air helping to allocate warmness. Fan heaters are the cheapest options in the market, but they are only used for a short time in order to provide heat to a limited space. You can get a portable fan heater in different sizes and you can also install it on a specific place on the wall. The main downside of fan heaters is their noise that results from the fan itself.

Oil-filled radiators


Oil-filled radiators could be the most reliable options in the market. An oil-filled radiator is occupied with thermal oil then connected with electricity to heat the oil. Then, heated oil circulate around the heater to provide warmness around the place where it exists. Because oil adds to the weight of the radiator, it’s not easy to move it regularly like other types of electric heaters. Oil-filled radiators can warm your home for a long time, but they require about 20 minutes after turning them on to start warming up.

Convector heaters


Unlike van heaters which use their vans to circulate heat around your room, a convertor heater has an internal heating elements that is used to heat surrounding cold air once the warm air rises up to the ceiling. So, convertor heater could be less quickly than fan heaters, but they can provide warmness to a larger space than van heaters can do.

Top 5 heaters in the UK market

Buying an electric heater could be confusing, not only because the wide variety of options available but also because the big differences in price ranges. So, we are here to introduce 5 of the best heaters in the market with different price ranges to meet all budgets.

VonHaus 7 Fin 1.5kW


Oil-filled radiators could be a little bit more expensive than van heaters, but they are cheaper to run. So, they are cost efficient options. The VonHaus 7 Fin 1.5kW is an oil-filled radiator that combines between the affordable price and cheap cost of running. It comes with heat settings enabling you to control temperature at your home to 3 different heat levels. Because of its heavy weight, it comes with 4 wheels enabling you to move it easily around your home. Its available for only £35 which is an encouraging price compared to normal prices of oil-filled radiators.

Dimplex DXUC2B


Dimplex is one of the best brands to consider in the market, it provides efficient portable heaters with affordable prices. The Dimplex DXUC2B is one of the best fan heaters to consider. It is 26cm tall, 18.5cm wide, and 2 kg weight. Despite the small size, it works quickly to warm up the whole room where it exists. It’s good for small and medium rooms. But, it’s less efficient for large rooms. Thanks to not being heavy, you can carry it wherever you go at home. Considering the available features, it comes with a safety cut-out feature that shut it down automatically when it overheats. All of this is available for £34 and it usually comes with a 3- year guarantee.

De'Longhi HCX9124E


De'Longhi is one of the best brands to consider worldwide and the De'Longhi HCX9124E is one of its best convertor heaters. This product comes with a double fan system that helps to enhance the heating speed of this electrical heater. In general, portable heaters come with a 2 kW heater or less. But, this one comes with a 2.4 kW heater making it a powerful option that could be used for heating large rooms. It also comes with controllable settings allowing you to set your preferred temperature as well as the required time for the machine to turn on or off. The price of De'Longhi HCX9124E is £146 and it comes with a 3-year guarantee.

Simple Value 2kW


This budget option provided by Argos is one of the cheapest van heaters in the market. It is practical for students or other people who live in shared flats. It’s quick to run and able to warm you your small room in few minutes. It also comes with a cut-off features that shut it down once your room is warm and the heater is not needed. The price is amazing, it cost only £8 to get this heater.

Duronic HV101 radiant


Duronic is one of the best brands to consider, it has developed special panels that are used in their electrical heaters to speed up their heating ability. Duronic HV101 radiant for example can start heating your room after only a minute. Despite being light, it comes with wheels. So, it could be moved easily wherever you want at home. There are also different settings to control the temperature and the use of electricity to lower your bills. This convertor heater is available for £65 which is a reasonable price for such benefits provided by this option.

How much will it cost to warm your house with heaters


Many people think that electric heaters could add a lot of extra money on your electricity bills. They believe that the cheapest way to warm up your home is by using a central heating system. In fact, they are right, electric heaters cost more to run because they use electricity not gas. So, you should use an electric heater only when it’s needed and make sure to shut it down when it’s not needed.

If you use your electric heater for only 90 minutes per day, it may add up to £0.5 per day to your electricity bill making it costing about £15 per month to warm your house with a heater. Luckily this cost will be too much lower in summer as you are expected to use electric heaters only in winter.

How to prevent waste of heat

Keeping your home warm is a priority in winter, but preventing heat from getting out of home is a challenge. Here are 3 general tips that could be followed to reduce the loss of heat in winter.


Curtains are one of the best options that help to prevent heat loss, best types for such purpose are thermal lining curtains or heavy duty curtains. But, make sure that your home curtains don’t hand over electric heaters because they would prevent them from warming up your home.

Windows and doors

Windows and doors can work together to prevent heat loss as well as allowing this. It depends on the availability of cracks between window frames or gaps under doors. You can use a putty to close gapes of frames and a special brush for gaps under doors.

Extractor fan

An extractor van in your kitchen or bathroom could participate in the loss of your home heat. So, you should buy a timed extractor fan to shut down automatically once it finishes its task.