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11th, August 2020

Gatwick hotels parking

Traveling by a plane is an exciting experience regardless who you are traveling with or what you are traveling for. An experience like this requires to avoid possible hassles such as booking a hotel or barking your car especially if you are parking in busy airports like Gatwick airport. Gatwick is one of the busiest airports for parking in UK. Once you reach it, it will be difficult to find a perfect slot for parking. So, it’s more recommended to book in advance before the date of traveling. You can not only book a slot for parking, you can also book a hotel with parking as a combined offer.

In this topic, we will discuss why booking hotel and parking at Gatwick is recommended, how much it costs to book, and what tips to follow in order to get cheaper deals.

Advantages of booking at Gatwick

Booking at Gatwick in advance is totally different from looking for a free spot to park your car or a free room to stay at once you reach the airport. Here are 4 of the main advantages of booking at Gatwick in advance.


Before your flight, you will need to queue in long queues for luggage checking and other administrative affairs. So, why should you also queue to find a slot for parking! To avoid that, you can easily book online in advance and choose that package that is suitable for your need including your slot and required days for parking.

Return home if anything is forgot

At the day of travelling, most people become in a rush. So, they may forget things after reaching the airport. When you book at Gatwick, you can easily return home with your car to bring what is forgot without fearing from losing the place you booked for parking.

Peace of mind

In Gatwick parking, all security measures are taken into consideration. So, you will not be worried about your car when you leave it in hands of the car parking lot operators. It will be safe until you come back from your trip.

Save money

When you look for a barking slot after reaching Gatwick airport, there will be few spaces available and it will be expensive to pay for. But, when you book in advance, you can make use of different promo codes and discounts that can save up to 60% of the normal parking price.

How much does it cost?


In Gatwick, prices for booking a hotel or a slot for parking vary according to the length of time you are going to book. However, there are some other factors that may affect the price, the time when you are booking is one of these factors because booking early doesn’t cost the same as booking late, and the location of your parking slot is another factor because parking near the terminal doesn’t cost the same as parking far from the terminal.

Parking in Gatwick starts from only 30 minute parking to whatever days you want. A 30-minute parking at Gatwick cost £4 on average and the price is doubled when you park an hour, from one hour to three hours the price would be about £14, a 6-hour car parking would cost you about £26, and a whole day may cost you £45 on average considering that each subsequent day will cost you the same amount of money.

How to get cheaper deals

The cost of traveling by air lines is expensive. So, you will not prefer to pay more extra money for hotels and parking and you may try to save money as possible on booking hotels and parking. Here are 6 general tips that will help you to find cheaper deals related to Gatwick hotels and parking.

Book early

The number of hotels’ Rooms and parking slots in Gatwick airport is fixed. The earlier you book the more options you will have to choose between. This helps you to compare prices of many options and choose the cheapest one for you. Furthermore, booking early is usually cheaper because it comes with many offers. But, make sure that you are 100% committed to the date of booking because you can’t amend your booking after making it.

Look for booking incentives

Another tip that is followed by many people to get cheaper parking and hotel deals is considering incentives. If you book in advance, you will have plenty of time to check different websites and track any encouraging discount to use for a cheaper deal.

Use reward points

Nowadays, a lot of people use reward credit cards because of many benefits such as earned points that could be used on hotels and flights. When you decide to stay at a hotel in Gatwick airport, you can use your earned points from your reward credit card on staying at a hotel or at least reducing the cost of your stay.

Use price-comparison websites

You can check the official website of Gatwick,, to have an overview of booking prices. But, you shouldn’t only rely on the official website, there are other providers of parking and hotels to consider for comparison such as, and If you have less knowledge about the available providers, you can visit a prices comparison website where you will find a lot of options with different prices. These websites include,, and

Book a hotel and parking deal

Some providers of hotel and parking booking at Gatwick airport offers deals that combine staying at a hotel with parking your car. By applying for such offer, you can save a lot of money that would be paid if you booked each of them separately.,, and are few examples of websites where you can book a slot for parking and a hotel together in on deal.

Consider valet parking

If you will be back from your trip within few days, you can save a lot by choosing valet parking or short stay parking. This option is relatively cheap if compared to other options. You can use valet parking to park your car from two days up to three weeks.