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11th, August 2020

Lego sets

Lego is an educational brand that has been in the market about for seventy years. Most of us have grown up with its products. It provides toys that consist of multi-faceted bricks with different colors. Despite being just toys, it managed to help with the educational process for many kids. However, there are some other products of ego sets that are played with adults. Lego sets are now sold to over 140 countries all over the world with billions of brick being sold every year. This helped the brand a lot because it doesn’t try very hard to increase popularity, customers do. You can hardly find someone who played with Lego sets and didn’t recommend them.

So, what are the benefits that make it recommended to buy Lego sets? What are the most popular sets in the market? Can they be played by people with different ages? And what are the main advantages for children who play with Lego sets? All of this will be discussed in this topic.

Why to buy Lego sets

Lego sets are not just toys that are bought to play with for a limited period then throw them away, they become more popular over time. Here are four of the main reasons why people buy Lego sets.

Lego sets are timeless

When you buy a new Lego set, your children will not only play with it for a limited time. It will still their source of fun when they get bored of other playing means. Lego sets can last up to 30 years to be used with your children and their children in the future.

They are a great investment

Because Lego sets are timeless, they are considered a great investment. Some people think that Lego sets perform like stock. They are relatively durable and their prices increase over time. So, when you sell your Lego sets after years, you will find out why they are considered a great investment.

It’s Fun to play with them

Maybe you need to buy a Lego set for your kids. But, once you see them trying to collect bricks together, your inner child will make you cooperate with your kids to discover the endless possibilities of such Lego set. So, it will let you enjoy playing with your kids as well as developing their skills.

They are decorative

We can’t describe how proud people feel when they finish a difficult Lego set. Once you reach the final structure, you will be able to use it as a decorative structure for your home.

Most popular themes of sets

There is an overwhelming number of Lego sets to choose between in the market. They come in a plastic brick form. The different comes from the final structure you can make. Some Lego sets are usually made to license popular names such as NASAand movies such as Avengers and Harry Potter, while others come in the form of cars or buildings. Here are five of the most popular sets in the market.

Harry potter Hogwarts castle


This set provide you and your kids with a great building experience thanks to its detailed building plastic bricks that exceed 6,000 pieces. That are many things to do with this Lego set, some of them are easy and some others are difficult especially for those who didn’t watch Harry Potter movie series. You can build turrets, classrooms, towers, the Hagrid’s hut, and the Whomping willow. This set comes with about 4 mini figures, 27 micro figures, and 5 Dementors. It may be a little bit expensive but there are a lot to do with such money. 

Price: £350

Star wars millennium falcon


There are many Lego sets related to the popular series of star wars movies. The millennium falcon set is one of their latest sets. It’s cool and could be played by both kids and adults. It comes with 6 mini figures, a cockpit with a detachable canopy, opening hull plates, sensor dish, rotating laser turrets, and two spring-loaded shooters. There are some extras in the set including Quay Tolsite figures, Han Solo figures and Chewbacca figures. There are alternative star wars sets provided by Lego such as X-wing star fighter and star destroyer.

Price: £150

London skyline


This set is suitable for kids who are 12 years old or more. It contains plastic bricks that could be collected together to form some of the popular landscapes in London such as the tower bridge, the Big Ben, London eye, and Nelson's Column. The set is supported with a booklet that include instructions about the history of different buildings and their designs. The total pieces are 468, some of this are created to make the most popular places in London while some others could be mixed to make other structures.

Price: £45

Avengers compound battle superhero


This set can help to develop creativity of your kids. As well as their ability to build headquarters of the Avengers movie, they can also use contents to create their own creatures. It comes with a helicopter, an off roader, a garage, and an office building. The helicopter itself comes with six-stud rapid shooters, two spinning rotors, and an opening minifigure. The office building comes with dual stud shooters and a rooftop shooter. You need to consider that this set is limited as well as other sets. To have all features related to the Avengers series, you can buy other sets such as Iron man hall of armor and captain America’s motorcycle.

Price: £100

Classic brick box construction set


This set could be the best option if you want the freestyle without any building instructions. With over 33 colors of brick, you kids will be able to create different buildings which will help to improve their creativity skills. This classic brick box construction set includes about 790 pieces. These pieces contain 8 types of windows and doors, 6 tires, 6 wheel rims, two green baseplates, and 3 sets of eyes. Despite the ability of creating too many building and structures with this set, it comes for a relatively cheap price compared to alternative sets.

Price: £50

Are Lego sets suitable for all ages?

We cants say that all Lego sets are suitable for all ages. However, some sets could be played by both kids and adults. But, in general, Lego sets are tested before being introduced to the market to determine which age ranges are suitable for different sets. Some of Lego sets are too difficult to be assembled by younger kids. So, these type usually target adults. But, this doesn’t mean that Lego sets should be easy to be suitable for younger kids, levels of difficulty should be considered to develop different skills for kids. The following factors are considered when matching between Lego sets and their reasonable users’ ages.


People buy Lego sets even for their 2 years old children. For this age, safety comes first. You should make sure there are no sharp bricks in the Lego set you buy because children in such age usually put things in their mouth. From the age of 6, safety related to sharp bricks has little concerns.


From the age of your kids, you can determine to which extent they will be patient. For example, a 6 years old kid will be patient to collect 100 bricks together to for a building or a structure. But, he will not be patient to do the same thing with 1,000 bricks. The more complicated the Lego set the older the user should be.


Interest changes as age changes. For example, an 8 years old kid will be interested to fly a spaceship inside his room, but he won’t be interested in collecting bricks to build the tower bridge or the Big Ben as a 14 years old kid will be. So, taking into consideration the age of your kids is an important element to find Lego sets that are suitable for them.

What are the advantages for children development?

Thanks to their educational benefits, ego sets are recommended even by teachers because they bring a lot of concepts to the life of your kid. Here are four of the main benefits related to children development a Lego set can provide.

Improve Creativity

Lego sets consist of plastic bricks with different sizes, colors, and designs. These unlimited inputs improve creativity by allowing kids to make different shapes and find out different designs that could be used to form a building, a spacecraft, or any other structure. When there are no limitations, children learn to imagine and create new things in the absent of right or wrong situations.

Improve problem solving skills

Lego sets that come with instructions such as Star wars millennium falcon and London skyline help your kids to think about the way they should follow in order to create the final structure required. This helps to make children more focused and attended to details related to sizes of bricks and their shapes. This experience has a direct positive impact on improving your kids’ problem solving skills.

Promote motoric skills

Assembling plastic bricks and collecting them together to form new shapes improve motoric skills of your children because they use their arms and hands to press. For little children, this is considered a good exercise for their hands and fingers.

Develop persistence

Your kids will not succeed to form the required structure from the first time, it will fall down one time, two times, and more until they get it done at last. This helps your kids to feel proud and believe in persistence as an important behavior to achieve their goal.