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10th, December 2019

What you need in your office

Every company worldwide with more or fewer employees needs office supplies. Depending on the type of business, it may be spending literary a few bucks, or thousands of pounds each month.

If the company is bigger and there are many employees who need stationary on their working place, then office supplies can be a very big expense for a certain company. However, it needs them. There are different types of office supplies that are important for the execution of the daily tasks of the employees at the departments. Fortunately, there are always some possibilities to reduce costs. Read the paragraphs below to learn what are the different types of office supplies that will make your work easier. This article will give you a tip on how to organize your work in order to save up some money on stationary.

Types of Office Supplies

During your daily office work, you will be needing various things of first importance such as pens, papers, clippers, etc. These are some basic things that will help you organize your paperwork, while others such as presenters or pointers, you will need when you attend meetings. No matter what is the type of work that the majority of the employees do, there will be always a necessity of office supplies. Here is a list with basic stationaries that companies always need:


  • Small Office Supplies: staplers, binders, scissors, sticky notes, paperclips.


  • Writing Implements: pens, pencils, markers, rubber stamps, correction fluid. 


  • Electrical Items: mouses, keyboards, headsets, speakerphones, scanner, fax machine, projector device. 


  • Paper: Printer paper, wrapping paper, envelopes, business cards, writing paper.


  • Envelopes and Boxes: regular envelopes, cardboard boxes.


  • Furniture: desks, chairs, shelves.


  • Mscelenious: wastebasket, first-aid kit, fire extinguisher.


If you will need to open a new office, you will need all of these offices supplies even more. Consider contacting an office supply company to deliver the needed goods. Big office supply companies can make a very good discount if you are buying many products at once. 


How  to Organize the Office Supplies


There are different types of workers and everyone’s desk can be differently managed. But in order to keep the working environment as organized as possible there some basic things that you can try when organizing the office supplies. First of all, try to keep your desk as clean as possible. If your desk is overwhelmed with things scattered around, this will definitely cause you trouble. You will be wasting time while trying to find what you need. 


Keep the desk clean, with the most important and used items on top of it. If you use a certain object rarely, then consider keeping it in the drawer. Another good idea is to put shelves on the walls next to the desks where you can keep writing paper and folders that will be easily accessible to employees. 


Ho to Save Money on Office Supplies


If you want to save money on stationery, you should consider making some things with the help of modern technologies. It is now outdated to use paper to send documents. Although nowadays everyone uses the internet for business communication, there are still companies that are late with adopting electronic communication via e-mail or cloud services. 


Here are some basic tips on how to easily make a saving on the office supplies.


  1. Look for discounts and promotions


The big office supplies retailers are constantly offering discounts that are in most cases including items from a certain product group. Thus you can buy the majority of stationery items that you will need on a very good price. Consider issuing a special discount card that will give you the possibility to purchase items on a lower price.


  1. Reduce the use of paper


Have you been wondering how much paper a company uses on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis? The amount is tremendous. Nowadays, many companies are willing to be more environmentally friendly and are trying to reduce the use of papers. 

  1. Track inventory strictly


It is good to keep a list only with items that you will need. This will prevent you from buying items that you have in fact in abundance but you have missed noticing. Make a list with the most used items that you run out of fast. 


  1. Buy items in bulk


This will save you money, because most probably if you buy bulk, the retailer of the stationary items will make you a good discount for buying lots of items at once. But is will be abetter idea to concentrate on items you need the most. 


  1. Consider buying used furniture


There is no doubt that if you are willing to make a good working environment, buying quality furniture is always a good thing. However, don’t miss the chance to consider the used furniture too. Office furniture usually lasts longer and in fact, you can stumble upon quite preserves and on a half price or even lower. Sometimes the “used” furniture may be almost new.