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11th, August 2020

Motability cars

Motability cars are those types of cars which are customised to help disabled people to depend on themselves while driving. Approximately all disabled people have a motability allowance but with different rates. This allowance enables them to lease a motability car. Depending on the motability allowance rate, a disabled person can choose from the available models. There are over 2000 motability cars in the market and this helps a lot of disabled people to find the model that meets their needs. Furthermore, these cars are supported by packages that include insurance and coverage in case of a breakdown.

In this topic, we will describe motability cars, the motability scheme, and how they are used. Then, we will introduce top models of motability cars to consider in the market and tip that should be followed to choose an affordable motability car.

Whatis motability and how to get motability cars?


Motability is a scheme that is designed to let disabled people able to be mobile by using their mobility allowance to lease a motability car. They can not only lease cars, but also wheelchair vehicles and scooters. The good thing is that you don’t have to be driving in order to lease a motability car, you can determine three persons who can drive your leased car instead of you. These persons could be from your friends, family, or a person what take care of you. But, all of them should have a UK driving license that is legally valid.

You need to know that a motability car isn’t allowed to exceed a limited mileage per a specific period, almost 60,000 miles over only 3 years of leasing period. There is an additional fee equals £5 for every mile over the limited mileage.

Based on the motability scheme, you can ask for adaptations to be added to your motability car. These adaptations are added for free and they include steering aids, hand controls, and pedal modifications.

Leasing a motability car is too much easy, you can lease a car from any dealership in UK and there are over 4500 dealerships who lease motability cars in UK.

Whocanjoin the motability scheme and how to join?


The motability scheme is used by over 600,000 people in UK because of its different benefits. So, there are many disabled people and their families who try to join the motability scheme. But, there are four types of allowances for the disabled, a disabled person should receive one of them to be able to lease a motability car. These allowances include the following:

  1. Disability living allowance
  2. Personal independence payment
  3. Armed forces independence payment
  4. War pension’s mobility supplement

Disable persons shouldn’t always apply in person, parents can apply on behalf of their disabled sons or daughters even if they were non drivers.

Once you have an allowance from the above four, you become able to join the motability scheme. In order to join, you will need to find a dealership, choose a motability vehicle, test driving to determine if there are adaptations needed, and finally order the vehicle for lease.

Best models

When it comes to choosing a mobility car, you have two options, either to choose a mobility car that costs your allowance or choosing an expensive one that requires additional payment usually known as an advanced payment. Regardless the option you choose, you will find a wide variety of mobility cars to choose from and here are four of the best models in the market.

Skoda Octavia


This family car is one of the best mobility cars that lost for a long life. Considering its performance while driving, it handles city streets easily thanks to its 1.0 liter petrol engine. It’s also supported by different features such as a touchscreen, Apple CarPlay a laid out dashboard, remote central locking, air bags, an immobilizer, and heated mirrors. There are approximately 40 models of Skoda Octavia that could be used as motability cars and their leasing cost starts at £40 per week. But, most dealerships ask for an advance payment that equals about £2,600.

Price: Starts from £18,610

Kia Picanto


Kia Picanto is one of the most affordable motability cars. It is spacious and practical to be used inside the city. The car comes with a kit that include airbags, stability control, brake assist system, and electric windows. This version lacks technology features. But, you can sacrifice about £1,400 more to get Kia Picanto 2 that is supported with air conditioning, Bluetooth, and music streaming. Based on the mobility scheme, Kia Picanto could be lease for £50 to £60 per week if you have a higher mobility allowance.

Price: Starts from £9,895

Volkswagen Tiguan


The Tiguan option is great if you are looking for a spacious car with a gorgeous exterior design. It has generous space for front and rear passengers. There are four major versions of this car, Tiguan S, Tiguan Match, Tiguan SEL, and Tiguan R. the Tiguan S could be the most popular option. It comes with a front air bag and a curtain airbag, lane assist, sensor controlled protection system, and VW connect. There is also the Tiguan Allspace separate version that comes with 7 seats to act as an SUV. The upfront payment of this car depends on your dealership and your chosen version, it ranges from £400 to £2,800.

Price: Starts from £25,350

MINI hatchback


When it comes to motability cars, MINI hatchback is considered an iconic option to consider. Furthermore its luxurious design, it provides a comfortable driving thanks to its great balance, body control, and responsive steering. It uses only a gallon to run from 38.7 miles to 47.9 miles which makes it a fuel efficient car. Despite being a mini car, it provide enough rear room for passengers to be comfortable. But, it doesn’t serve you if you travel with people and luggage regularly. There are three versions related to three different performance levels, Classic, Sport, and Executive. Some dealership provide this car for leasing with zero upfront payment, but top models usually require upfront payment up to £3,749.

Price: starts from £16,195

Tips for choosing an affordable motability car

Cutting costs is one of the main factors that affects the decision of a disable person when he/she choose a motability car. When you apply to lease a car, you need to use your allowance without bearing a lot of extra money. There are different tips to follow in order to get an affordable motability car. Her are three of these tips.

Add Motability Adaptations

There are a lot of adaptations that could be added to a motability car, these adaptations helps to provide comfortable and safe driving for the disabled. Luckily most of them are free of charge, and even there is a charge for some of them, you can apply for a grant from the motability charity if you can’t afford to pay for chargeable adaptations.

Consider motability cashback or discounts

When you search for a lease deal from a dealership, you should take into consideration that many dealerships ask for an advance payment before getting your motability car. But, there are many encouraging deals that include cashbacks, discounts, free fuel, or extra equipment for free. These deals should be considered to cut down your costs.

Choose a greener motability car

When you choose a greener motability car, you will save a lot of money on the long run. You can choose from hybrid cars or plug in cars which are the most fuel efficient options in today’s car industry. Just compare between money that would be paid on petrol or gasoline and money that would be paid on electricity for charging. You will find out that greener cars save up to twice the cost of running conventional cars.