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11th, August 2020

Pet food

People are now living in small separate families or as single persons which is considered the nature of the majority nowadays. This unfortunately reduced people’s interactions with each others. So, the need to have a partner like a cat or a dog has been increased. In today’s households, a pet is considered a member of the family having his own name and specific food.

This is the fact of today’s lifestyle and it has increased the demand for pet food by most households. This justify why the pet food industry is booming and there are many pet food brands competing in the market to provide best food for pets especially because people are now more concerned about the diet and wellness of their pets.

In this topic, we will introduce top brands in the pet food industry, ingredients that should be avoided, vets recommendations, and top store selling pet food in UK.

Most popular brands of pet food

Caring about your pet starts from feeding him well. So, you need to choose a trusted brand from the wide range of pet food brands to make sure that you get healthy food. Here are five of the largest pet food manufacturers who dominate the market.


Nestlé is one of the largest food manufactures in the world, it has a great market share in pet food industry by its Purina brand that focuses on pet foods and treats. In 2018, NestléPurina came second among the largest pet care companies all over the world. It doesn’t only produce pet food, but it also supports charitable events that target animal car. 

Diamond Pet Foods

Diamond pet foods is not as large as other companies. Despite being a growing company, it managed to be nominated as one of the most trusted manufacturers of pet food because it focuses on health and nutrition while producing pet food. It is also recommended by pet trainers and veterinarians.

J.M. Smucker

J.M. Smucker is one of the dominating pet food brands thanks to its wise selling strategy. It sells pet food products through different brands including Natural Balance, Milk-Bone, and Meow Mix. One of the main reasons of success for J.M. Smucker is its primary focus on health demands of the pets.

Mars Petcare

Mars petcare is a brand created by Mars Inc., the parent company. Now, it’s a leading company in the pet care industry. It provides food for pets like horses, birds, cat, dogs, and fish. It also own hospitals that provide treatments to pets such as Banfield and Pet partners. Mars petcare products are sold worldwide to about 55 countries.


WellPet is one of the great manufacturers of pet food in the world, it was established in 1826. Since then, it became to build its name with its healthy pet foods. Now, WellPet produce canned dog foods, canned cat foods, dry pet food, pet supplements, and treats. These foods are also supported by wellness items that help to improve the digestion ability of pets.

Which ingredients to avoid

You may know what food and what brand you rely on to feed your pet, buy you may not know enough about the ingredients included in the pet food you use. Not all ingredients are healthy for pets and here are some of the worst ingredients that should be avoided.

Plant Proteins

Plant proteins for pets include potato protein, beans protein, and pea protein. These proteins are not bad for pets but they don’t provide pets with nutrients like animal products do. That’s because pets are carnivorous by nature. So, you need to focus on animal products for them.

Artificial Flavors

You can define high quality pet foods by the absence of artificial colors as well as artificial flavors. Artificial flavors are used as an alternative to natural flavors to make food appealing for pets. But, they are not as healthy as natural flavors.


Wheat is healthy for humans but it’s not for pets. It may provide your pet with carbohydrate and fiber, but it includes gluten which is considered a bad protein that cause allergic reactions in dogs making it difficult for them to digest other grains.


Fillers don’t provide a nutritional value for pets and they should be avoided. They are used by some manufacturers because they add bulk to their products so that they can sell them for lower prices. Fillers that should be avoided include corn bran,wheat mill run, rice bran, and oat hulls.


Soy is used by pet food manufactures as a source of protein because it’s not expensive. But, it’s an unhealthy ingredient that trigger food allergies and may cause some health problems because of its chemical contents.

What is recommended by vets?


Vets advice people at first to read the ingredient list attached with each pet food product. This helps to figure out if the pet food is meat based or vegetable based. Vets recommend to respond to the nature of pets by buying meat based food and reduce our dependence on vegetable based food such as rice and corn.

After determining your target food, you should put your trust in a brand. Then, you need to know the difference between types of food. There is the wet type of pet food and the dry type of pet food. Vets recommend that pet food shouldn’t include much water. So, they recommend dry food over wet food. Dry food improve chewing of your pet and make his tees healthier. Furthermore health benefits of dry food, it’s cheaper and less messy to use.

One more thing to consider when you read ingredient list is the source of food. Vets recommend buyers to pick up pet food once it is labeled as organic. Organic pet food is healthier for your pet because it’s free from bad contents such as synthetic hormones, antibiotics, and toxic pesticides.

Best stores of pet food in UK

Now, it’s too much easy to buy pet food online. There are too many pet stores in UK selling pet food from their official online websites. Here are four of the most popular stores to order from.



Viovet is one of the most popular pet store in UK. Because of the great demand on its products, your order may wait up to 6 days until being delivered. But, it tries to employ extra staff to fulfil customers’ need as soon as possible. Viovet not only sell pet food, it also sells breeder packs and training treats.

Waitrose Pet


Waitrose pet is one of the best places to consider thanks to its wide variety of food that meet all needs of small pets, adults, and seniors. You will definitely find what you are looking for in Waitrose Pet. The increase in demand may also delay your order delivery but the store tries to solve this problem by providing new delivery slots.



Jollyes is a whole seller that sells approximately all things related to pet car such as pet beds, pet food, toys, treats, and even pet books. As a result of the increasing demand, you can only get your order through home delivery services as click-and-collect options are closed for undetermined period. This is not a big problem if you are ordering online.



Argos is a popular online store that is more focused on selling dry food for pets. However, you can find other pet produces such as dental treats and bones. Now, buying from physical stores of Argos requires prepayment online. So, it’s not too different if you ordered with home delivery options.