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11th, August 2020

Windows & doors

Windows and doors have been used since centuries to protect homes. They were made at the beginning from timber frames, but over time they began to be made from some other materials. Different materials of windows and doors are used for several purposes such as keeping heat or letting it escape from home. Nowadays, there are many options of windows and doors to consider in the market. These options are manufactured from different materials with different features. Manufacturers are competing to fulfill people’s needs in terms of the fantastic designs of windows and doors as well as their performance.

In this topic, we will differentiate between different types of materials that are used to produce windows and doors, we will introduce top brands to consider in the market, and we will discuss how much it costs to replace your home windows and doors.


Most of materials that are used to produce windows and doors were available many years ago. But, the improvement in the manufacturing technology has helped a lot to provide better performance of modern windows in terms of security, energy efficiency, and durability. The following are the major types of windows and doors materials.



Timber is the most classical type of materials used to manufacture windows and the most expensive as well. That’s because it uses natural materials such as wood. Frames of timber windows could be made from softwood or hardwood, softwood is the budget option while hardwood is more expensive. Timber windows and doors are also considered one of the best looking options in the market. The beauty of wood appears when it has a painted or stained finish. Furthermore being durable and well looking, timber works as an insulator that absorbs and keep heat to provide home with warmness.



Aluminum is used to provide thinness to window frames in order to save a larger space for glass, this helps to let much light get into your home. Heat can path through aluminum easily. So, a thermal barrier feature is added to aluminum windows to lower the loss of heat through frames of the window. The most popular color of aluminum frames is silver. This color provide a stylish exterior design that matches most of modern properties. However, it could be changed by a powdered coated finish that helps to get a wide range of colors to choose between.



UPVS windows and floors could be the best value for money option because they are long lasting, require low maintenance because they don’t flake or rust, provide a stylish appearance, and not too expensive like timber alternatives. The only downside of UPVS windows is the lack of unique charm provided by alternative materials. However, some UPVS frames are now designed to look like timber frames and you can hardly find a difference between them. When they were introduced at first, UPVS windows were only available in white, but now they are available in different colors without the risk of discoloration over time.



Composite windows and doors are the trendy options in the market. They combine between different benefits provided by different materials such as energy efficiency, strength, heat keeping, security, and durability. They can combine between the details and designs of timber and the strength of UPVS and they can combine between aluminum for lower maintenance and timber.

Top brands to consider

Despite there are many manufacturers and brands of windows and doors in UK, there are three giant brands who have the largest market shares of the industry of windows and doors. Some people may choose a local alternative. But, if you have less knowledge about the market, you are more recommended to rely on one of the top three brands.



Everest windows and doors are of the top rated in the market. It offers double glazed windows that are A+ rated and triple glazed windows that are A++ rated. One the official website, you will find a wide range of windows and doors made from different types of materials. From reviews, you will find that more than 80% of reviews refer to the excellent service provided by Everest from the start of the order to after sale services. Everest guarantees the quality of its products by a 10-year guarantee on all windows and a 30-year guarantee on the timber type.

Safe style


If you are targeting UPVS windows or doors, Safe style could be the best brand to consider. But, if you are looking for other types, you should know that this brand focuses only on UPVS. However, this could be a competitive advantage because you are sure to deal with experts in a specific field. This explains the 84% of customers who describe the service provided by Safe style as an excellent service.  Prices are also less expensive if compared to prices of alternative brands.



Anglian provides different types of windows and doors materials including timber, aluminum, and UPVS. But, its UPVS products are the best rated options with A+ and A++ rates. The average rating of timber and aluminum options is B. however, Anglian still has a great overall rating with 80% of positive customers’ reviews. The quality of its products and the excellent installation process managed to establish the Anglian name among a large number of loyal customers. It also offers a 10-year guarantee on all products. Reasons of some negative reviews refer to communication problems with customer service during installation and after care services.

Cost of replacing windows and doors


Costs of replacing your home windows and doors differ according to different factors such as material types, sizes, and brands. There are two costs to consider, the purchasing cost and the installation cost. Considering the installation cost, you will need to pay from £115 to £150 for labor and from £7 to £15 for extra hardware for each window and door. Considering the purchase price, a window may cost about £400 on average while a door may cost about £600. But, these cost may be higher or lower depending on the size of windows and doors and their type of materials.

Timber prices

Timber windows and doors are the most expensive option in the market. But, they are considered a great addition to your home. You can choose the softwood option or the hardwood option which is more expensive. The smallest size of a timber window which is 60 cm X 90 cm costs from £900 to £1,000, the average size which is 90 cm X 120 cm costs from £1,300 to £1,400, while the big size which is 120 cm X 120 cm costs from £1,400 to £1,500.


Aluminum windows and doors are less expensive than timber alternatives, but they are not the least expensive options in the market. A small sized aluminum window costs on average from £600 to £700, a medium sized aluminum window costs from £700 to £800, while the large size window costs from £900 to £1,000.


UPVS windows and doors are the cheapest options in the market. But, is not an indicator of lower quality. A lot of people prefer this type because it comes with high quality, durability, and low maintenance needs as well as its lower prices compared to alternative options. The smallest size of a UPVS window costs only from £300 to £400, the medium size costs from £450 to £600, while the large size costs from £800 to £900.

You should also be prepared to additional possible costs such as the cost of removing old windows and doors, the cost of preparation, and the cost of renting specialty equipment.