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11th, August 2020

Best mattresses

An active and productive day should start with proper sleeping. A major factor that makes people tired and unable to perform well at work is not to sleep well. One of the main reasons that may prevent you from having proper sleeping is your mattress. Luckily, there are many different types of mattresses to consider and there is a huge number of makes available in the market. This could be confusing to some people, but in fact this allows you to have many alternatives enabling you to find the best comfortable option for you.

In this topic, we will introduce different types of mattresses, best makes to consider, price ranges, and tips that should be followed when you buy a new mattress.

Types of mattresses

There are different types of mattresses, each type passes through different manufacturing process, and each type differs from alternatives in terms of materials and prices. Most mattress manufactures provide different types. So, you can find alternative types named by the same brand name. The following are four of the most common types to consider.



A topper could be considered an extra layer to your bed rather than a separate mattress. So, it’susually used on the top of a mattress. Toppers could be made from gel, memory foam, or other materials. Despite being just extras, toppers could also be expensive sometimes. This maybe because the comfort they provide while sleeping. A topper allows your shoulders to sink keeping your back in a comfortable position. In general, toppers are soft and cushiony. However, you will have different levels of softness to choose between.

Latex mattresses


Unlike mattresses which are made from memory foam, Latex mattresses are made from latex foam. So, they are made from natural materials instead of synthetic materials. There are different levels of plushness provided by latex mattresses to meet needs of different people in terms of the way they sleep. Latex mattresses are more durable than memory foam alternatives. But, they are less common. Maybe because they are more expensive.

Memory Foam mattresses


A memory foam mattress is a comfortable and very good option especially for people who prefer to sleep on their sides. It responds gradually to your body movements while sleeping. So, when you sleep on your side, it supports your shoulders. You will feel like if your body is surrounded by a mattress rather than just sleeping on it. One of the main factors that help memory foam mattresses to provide a comfortable sleeping is their several layers of foam.

Coil spring mattresses


Coil spring mattresses are of the cheapest types in the market. They use springs or coils as a metal support. The level of support is determined by measuring how many coils used in the mattress. The distribution of these coils as well as their numbers helps the mattress to respond to your body movements. They help different sleepers such as side, back, and tummy sleepers. The main downside of this type is the speedy wearing out of its coils.

What to look for when buying a new mattress

Your mattress has a major effect on your physical status after waking up. You can start your day feeling good or feeling pain. So, you should be careful when you choose your new mattress especially if you have neck or back issues. Here are four tips to follow when buying a new mattress.

Consider your size

When you buy a new mattress, you should consider its size. This doesn’t mean that the size of your new mattress should equal the size of your old one. But, it should be the size that you are going to need. If you sleep alone, you should consider saving money and space by downsizing to a full sized mattress. But, if you share your bed with someone, you will need to get a king sized mattress.

Test mattresses at physical stores

A new mattress is an important purchase. So, you need to take your time when you shop for one. You can lie on different types and makes of mattresses in different mattress stores until you find the most comfortable one for your body.

Ask for warranty

Warranties are usually given by sellers who are confident about their products. So, you need to make sure that your new mattress comes with a warranty that allows you to replace it if it was defected. Good mattresses usually come with a 10-year warranty at least.

Check reviews from different customers

Before going to physical store, you can have an overall view from websites that sell mattresses such as official websites of manufactures or online stores. You need to check what people say about different products. This will help you to avoid buying a mattress that people complain about as well as getting recommendations from people reviews about the best options to consider.

Best makes

Looking for the best mattress in UK will be confusing because of the wide variety of mattresses in the market. There are many brands that compete by providing new models on a regular basis. If you have less knowledge about mattress materials and their production process, you will find it difficult to differentiate between what is good and what is not. Not to be confused, we brought four of the best options in the market provided by four popular and trusted brands.

Emma Original Mattress


The Emma original mattress is released to the market after conducting too many tests by Emma’s development team using both machines and humans. It was also manufactured based on research and feedbacks from different customers in order to make a mattress that fits all sleeping positions. This mattress has 3 layers, the poly foam on the bottom, the visco-elastic memory foam in the middle, and the top layer. The 3 layers help to provide top support for your body while sleeping. All of this as well as its competitive price have this mattress of the best options in the market.

Price: £299

Nectar Mattress


Despite being a relatively new brand, Nectar has managed to prove itself in the market by its very durable options. The Nectar mattress is a memory foam mattress that lasts forever as the company say. So, it comes with a forever warranty which is an amazing offer you can hardly find. Nectar mattress comes with three layers, one of them is made from gel and the other two are made from memory foam. Unlike other options made from memory foam, the top layer of this mattress is made from the 4th generation of memory foam which is developer to be more breathable in order to draw away heat while sleeping.

Price: £599

Eve Original Mattress


Eva is one of the most trusted manufacturers of mattresses to consider. This brand differentiate itself from other competitors by providing unique vibrant designs. It also follows quality standards while manufacturing its products. The Eva original mattress comes with three layers, the base is made from a durable poly foam and its 18 cm depth in order to support your body, the middle layer is made from memory foam, and the top layer is made from memory foam but more breathable than the traditional option. Memory foam responds slowly to your body movements, that’s good because it decreases transfer of your motion.

Price: £399

Casper Mattress


Casper brand could be the first to adapt the concept of “the bed in a box”. When you search for mattresses online, you will find this brand at top recommendations. It could be the most globally sold brand in the world. The Casper mattress is made from 4 layers making it 25 cm tall. Those layers are made from different types of foam in addition to a zoned support in the bottom layer that is used to relief pressure from your body while sleeping. Those types of foams are selected properly not to make the mattress too hard, too soft, too hot, or too cold. The price of this mattress is competitive if compared to its great features.

Price: £400

How much do mattresses cost?


Prices of mattresses differ based on some factors such as their sizes, materials, and brands. You can find cheaper options that start from as low as £100. These options are usually selected by people with restrict budget. But, they don’t provide comfort like mid-range or expensive options. They may also cause muscular issues. Top premium quality may raise the price of a mattress to be as expensive as £3,000. But, this price is too expensive to afford by most people. However, there are too many options in between with different price ranges to meet all budgets.

There are four different sizes of mattresses, the single size, the double size, the king size, and the super king size. In UK, the average cost of a memory foam mattress is £271 for the single size, £375 for the double size, £456 for the king size, and £579 for the super king size. A Pocket Sprung Mattress could be the cheapest option. It cost about £209 for the single size, £272 for the double size, £324 for the king size, and £394 for the super king size. A Latex Mattress is a relatively expensive option to consider if you afford to buy it. It cost on average £402 for the single size, £516 for the double size, £588 for the king size, and £704 for the super king size. Super premium mattresses are bought only by people who seek a luxurious mattress. Their prices start from £1,792 for the single size, £2,344 for the double size, £2,871 for the king size, and up to £2,989 for the super king size.