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12th, February 2020

Get relaxed in your favourite recliner chair

Positive impressions from customers who have experienced the comfort introduced by recliner chairs have led to increase the demand of customers on these premium chairs. So, the market of recliner chairs have grown to meet customer demand. You would be amazed by the wide range of recliner chairs with many different functions, designs and features to fit all people with different lifestyles. In this topic, we will cover different types of recliner chairs, price ranges for these types and best brands to consider.

What are recliner chairs?

Recliner as a word means a big overstuffed couch giving an upright position for sitting and a reclined position for feet to rest. This is the overall idea of recliner chairs. A recliner chair is a chair that reclines once you lowers its back and rises its front. So, your back, your legs and your feet will find the most comfortable way of sitting when you sit on a recliner chair.


Types of recliner chairs

Your decision shouldn’t only be based on pictures, information should be also considered. The following are information about some of the most popular types of recliner chairs.


The classic two position recliner

This type is selected by the majority of people as it is approximately the most affordable type of recliner chairs. A two position means there are only two positions either upright or reclined. Releasing the footrest of this type of chairs will make it move back its back along with the weight of your body. This stretching possibility requires you to consider reasonable space in front of the chair and behind it as well. You can easily find this type anywhere as it is produced by many brands in variable designs and colors to meet the taste of different people.


The hugger recliner

While most recliner chairs requires more space to be assigned for them in order to be suitable during the fully reclined position, hugger recliner chair is considered the best type for those people with limited space at home. It requires only 6 inches from the wall when it is fully reclined. It will save your space but not money as it is a little bit expensive if compared to other types. But, it offers many other benefits for people who set up hardly as it is adjusted in order to help them getting up easily.


The rocker recliner

This type combines between two advantages, the cost and the required space. It may cost more than the two positions recliner chair but it is considered one of the most affordable options. Furthermore, it could be places near to the wall as it doesn’t require too much space in the fully reclining position. You can find how close it is to the two positions recliner but it has an additional feature which is a rocking functionality when it is upright. This type declines silently. So, it is the best option for a mother who wants to sleep or wants her baby to sleep.


The powered recliner

This powered recliner chair is one of the latest introduced types. Unlike classical types such as the two position recliner that is operated manually, the powered recliner comes with a remote or buttons to operate it more easily. This is not the only difference, powered recliner chairs come with more features including a heating or massage options and a USB outlets. Most of these recliners are also adjustable. So, you can use some buttons to find the most comfortable angle for you.


The push-back recliner

This is one of the simplest types, the name explains all things. You will only need to push the chair back in order to recline, push until it is fully reclined to have the most comfortable position. The only difference is that it comes without a built-in footrest. So, you may need to buy an additional footrest or an ottoman to make your sitting more comfortable.


Prices of recliner chairs vary according to the type of the chair, the manufacturing company and the added features to these recliners. On Amazon, you can find many different options with reasonable prices that ranges from £112 to £199. The following are some options that are available on Amazon.

There are also some other types customized to fit specific people with more specified needs such as the following:

  • The orthopedic recliner
  • The gamer recliner


The orthopedic recliner

People with health problems or disabilities usually need comfort and help continuously. The orthopedic recliner chair is customized for those people. The material used to produce this chair is memory foam with bonded leather that could be cleaned easily. Added features to the orthopedic recliner include adjustable backrest, massaging, heating and zero-gravity positioning. Most of these customized chairs can also afford heavy weights.


The gamer recliner

You will not feel how incredible is the gamer recliner if you are not a real gamer. In brief, gaming is an activity that take many hours especially for gamers. So, a comfortable recliner is a must for gamers. For this purpose, this recliner is supported with too many features such as the following:

  • Adjustable armrests in order to control your game playing.
  • Swiveling function that will not only enable the chair to recline but also to swivel right or left.
  • A seat that is completely adjustable regarding its width, depth and height.


Best brands of recliner chairs


Ashley furniture contemporary recliner

Ashley is one of the most common manufactures of furniture in the world. So, you can buy this brand with full confidence. They are competing with their affordable price and the wide range of designs of their recliner chairs.


Catnapper teddybear recliner

This brand is focusing primarily on innovation. So, Catnapper teddybear recliner chair manufactures always make people amazed by features added to their powered recliner chairs. These powered chairs are introduced with top technology to provide more quieter and controllable motion.


La-Z-Boy rocker & recliner

We can’t talk about best brands of recliner chairs and ignore the original creator of them. La-Z-Boy history is rich with innovations in the industry of recliner chairs.  So, it is considered the most established recliner authority in the world.


These could be some of the best options of a wide range variety of recliner chairs. Just make sure to take your available space into consideration before selecting your desired option.