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11th, February 2020

Feel sturdy underfoot on wooden flooring

Most people who have depended previously on carpets, laminate or linoleum products for their floor to complete the design of their home are shifting nowadays into wooden flooring for many reasons. Carpets and linoleum don’t last over time and require to be replaced after some years, this is a costly and time consuming process that is initially expected. On the other hand, wooden flooring may charge more initial cost but it lasts forever without replacement if regular maintenance is carried out correctly. It worth to sacrifice some more initial cost if you want more quality for your home floor that will also save your money later.

In this topic, we will explain why wooden flooring adds more quality to your home, types of wood to consider for flooring and expected cost of installment.


Why wood is good for flooring?


Either being solid or engineered, wood is considered the best option for your floor in terms of durability.  The ability of wood to resist to wear and tear issues in addition to reasonable and regular maintenance can make it a lifelong flooring option. Furthermore, wood transfer the warmness and a natural design of the forest to your home. This warmness couldn’t be introduced by mane-made products such as laminates, stone floors or tiles.


Good for your budget

The price and budget considerations is an important factor when you decide to purchase a covering for the floor. What makes some people to go for other options rather than wood is the lower initial cost. But, this is considered unwise thinking. The initial cost for wooden flooring may be more but it saves a lot of money on the long run. Furthermore, a property with a wooden floor is considered a great investment because buyers desire to buy a property rises when it is supported by wooden flooring.


Easier maintenance

Unlike other options for flooring, wooden floors are more resistant to dirt. So, it is easy to clean dirt by brushing or wiping unlike it would be for cleaning a carpet. People who have children and pets at home should expect dust mites, ticks or bad odors left by pets. While carpets store these odors, wood doesn’t. It is cleaned easily and restore its original status with less efforts.


Lifelong style

People who are thinking always about renovating their home should know that carpets, linoleum or tiles tends to change every year. So, what is new in 2020 will definitely be out of fashion the next years. On the other hand, the natural appealing style of wood floors approved to be attractive for centuries. So, you can depend on wood as a lifelong style for your home which in turns will also save your money in the future.


Types of wood for flooring


Solid wood

Solid wood flooring is divided into three main categories, plank flooring, parquet flooring and strip flooring. All of them include two types of instalment, the unfinished flooring that is conducted on the site where it is sanded first then finished after installation, while the pre-finished flooring need just installation after being sanded and finished in the factory.

  • Plank flooring: in this type, the width can vary but there are only two thicknesses, ½ inch and ¾ inch. Available widths ranges from 3 to 8 inches.
  • Parquet flooring: this type is too different as it is made from geometrics from individual wood slats that is installed mechanically.
  • Strip flooring: it comes with a certain width and different thickness options that range from 5/16 to ¾ of an inch. Available widths include 1 ½ inches, 2 inches and 2 ¼ inches.


Bamboo wood

This is a unique type of wood that looks like a grass that is pressed together then cut into floorboards before being installed. Harvesting this type of wood has no bad effect on the environment because it grows quickly more than other types of wood thanks to its long roots. Bamboo wood is primarily harvested in China. So, you can find the cheapest wood flooring come from China. While the price of bamboo wood flooring is considered one of the lowest prices, it should be installed correctly in order to keep it durable. This option is considered the best for those people with budget considerations.


Palm wood

Coconut plantation trees are considered the main source of palm wood. It is considered a byproduct of their production. Palm wood is an interesting alternative for wooden flooring that has some differences in density that need to be dealt with carefully. The most known manufactures of palm wood are Smith&Fong who distribute it through Alternacorp for their popular brand, Durapalm. They depend only on Asian coconut or sugar palms that are no longer producing nuts. So, they are not against the environment.


Reclaimed wood

Old building and warehouses are the main sources of reclaimed wood. It is recovered from them after being demolished. What is good about these old building is that they were built with huge structural elements that could be sliced into wooden flooring. A lot of work is required for this process. So, reclaimed wood flooring could be more expensive than other options. While there are some options that are bad for the environment, the reclaimed wood could be bad for history. That’s because of demolishing old buildings because these buildings have more value as materials not only as buildings. So, when they demolish an old building, they demolish a cultural heritage. Underwater logging is another source of reclaimed wood that is pulled up from lakes and rivers. However, it is also considered a bad ecosystem for the marine life because underwater logging were considered a mark that had been existing for decades.


Engineered wood

Engineered wood flooring could be also called laminate wood flooring as it is considered a combination between laminate and wood. It is produced adhering laminate layers with thin veneer of wood. The only difference between laminate flooring and laminate wood flooring is the unavailability of actual wood in laminate flooring. Engineered wood is considered friendly to the environment because it consumes a little bit of wood.


How much does wooden flooring cost?

Wooden flooring options are too many, prices are variable as well. You can go for the top quality options of solid wood flooring with average range of prices from £35 to £60 per square feet or you may prefer another quality option but a little bit lower in prices such as the engineered or laminate option with a range of prices from £25 to £40 square feet. If you are more concerned about your budget, there are lower options that cost only £16 or lower per square feet.