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11th, February 2020

Look the part: Designer dresses

Unlike fashion in the 1990s, designer dresses has become the latest trend that attracts the majority of women in today’s life. Not only because they are made from highquality fabric by expert designers, but also because they are limited in quantity. So, you will feel unique with these luxury dresses but prepare yourself to afford their expensive price. Regardless their expensive prices, brands of designer dresses are growing too fast because women are going for them ignoring their high cost. Before introducing some of the top brands of designer dresses and what to wear in certain occasions, we need to know first why women are going for them.

Why do you need designer dresses?

There are certain factors why the current generation of teens and young adults are going for designer dresses such as the following factors:

  • Celebrity models: the majority of this generation teens, if not all of them, have celebrity models who are admired for being famous including musicians, actresses or Kardashian. A Kardashian refers to someone who is famous as she is famous. In previous generations, teen were imitating their celebrity models in the way they talk and eat. Today’s generation tends to dress like they are dressing.
  • Social media: the power of social media in today’s life influencing approximately all people especially teens and young matures. Regardless what clothes are promoted on social media, they are good if people like them. So, you can find a lot of dresses and outfits promoted by celebrities on social media as a tip for social media community to consider these clothes for wearing.
  • Impressing people: the trend nowadays goes for top brands, logos and expensive clothes because this add a great value to what you wear. Everyone who looks at what you wear can deduct easily how much it costs from the logo on it. So, this may encourage you to look forward to these luxury dresses in order to impress others.


Top brands of designer dresses


Dolce & Gabbana

dolce & gabbana

This Italian fashion house was founded by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in 1985, the year of their first women collection that is introduced in Milan. This event encouraged them to open their first store in the following year. Dolce & Gabbana produces not only women dresses, but also footwear, cosmetics, sunglasses, perfumes and handbags. Celebrities such as Emma Roberts, Anne Hathaway and Eva Mendes usually appear in Dolce & Gabbana dresses. It has become too popular after being worn by Madonna in the 2010 campaign. This encouraged celebrities including Selena Gomez and Chiara Ferragni to appear on Instagram wearing their designs.



This brand may be the best brand for luxury dresses in the Great Britain. A historical and a still going fashion house that is founded in London by Thomas Burberry in 1856. It produces women dresses in addition to handbags, sunglasses and cosmetics. In March 2018, Riccardo Tisci, the creative Italian fashion designer, has become the head designed in Burberry after a 12 years of experience in the Persian house Givenchy. He introduced luxury designs that have impressed many celebrities including Rihanna, Madonna and Julia Roberts.




This is a fashion house founded in San Sebastian, Spain in 1917 by Cristobal Balenciaga. Over years, Balenciaga has developed a settled reputation of premium designer dresses quality especially for their bubble skirts. This brand has been the most favored by members of the Spanish royal family. There are many famous designers who had been trained in Balenciaga such as Hubert de Givenchy and Oscar de La Renta who have later opened their own couture houses. Being the 10th most popular house for women fashion according to Paper magazine attracted famous women such as Sienna Miller and Kim Kardashian to wear its pieces.


Yves Saint Laurent


Saint Laurent is a French fashion house created by both Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge in 1961. In 2015 the creative artistic director Hedi Slimane managed to release the haute couture collection of Saint Laurent. This collection helped to enhance this brand as one of the most prestigious brands for women clothes. Saint Laurent is admired by famous stars such as Catherine Deneuve, Kate Moss, Jessica Chastain and Raquel Welch. Now, YSL Saint Laurent produce different products rather than women dresses such as fragrances, footwear, handbags and cosmetics.




In 1978, the Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace opened Versace as a luxury fashion company in Milan. The brand combines between women and men clothes in addition to leather accessories, sunglasses, fragrances and handbags. Donatella continued the journey of her brother Gianni Versace as a creative director until today. The appearance of Elizabeth Hurley wearing a sexy black chain dress created by Versace in 1994 was the first inspiration for the brand to continue its creative sexual designs that attracted celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell and Beyoncé.


Examples of designer dresses for certain events

  • A wedding: in the past, White, black or red dresses were not a good idea to consider in a wedding. But nowadays, black and red dresses are perfect for this occasion but white still unwelcomed not to take the sight away from the bride. According to Lauren A.Rothman, the founder of Style Auteur that is considered one of the most famous fashion-consulting firms in the world, a causal dress that is simple and clear of sequined things is ideal for a wedding.
  • A first date: in the past, a skirt was the trendy option for most women. But in today’s life, fashion experts advise to wear what describes your personality without taking risks. This mean you should dress in a color and a design that always looks good on you. Your fist date should leave the best first impression.
  • A dinner party: the old option for this occasion was a black dress because of the few numbers of variables. But now you have too many options to consider. Experts didn’t put a certain answer for the best option, but they advise to cope with the time of the year and who are your hosts.