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29th, January 2020

De-clutter your home using cheap self-storage units

Self-storage industry is introduced to help a lot of people with several needs that are all related to storage. You may be planning to move somewhere else or renew painting of your house but you need a safe place where you can store valuable items and furniture for a month or more until completing the mission. You may also have lack of space in your house for extra items that require extra storage area for a longer period.

Regardless the reason for storage, you will not find a better and safer solution that is convenient, flexible and also affordable than renting a self-storage unit.So, what is self-storage and how it is beneficial for different purposes?


What is self-storage?

Self-storage is an industry that has become available from variable businesses. A business working in the industry of self-storage have another location in a large space that is divided into storage areas in different sizes. You can ask to rent one of these areas from the business and pay on a monthly basis. Public storage and mini storage are another terms for self-storage. But, in recent years self-storage has become the most popular term. There are different standard sizes of self-storage. But, a self-storage units on a specific side usually come in the same size and they are accessible by similar rolling doors like those used in garages. There are two main options for locking, either by using a built-in locking mechanism or by using a separate lock. Furthermore, there is a dedicated staff who is responsible for managing the property. All of these elements ensure that your valuable items are kept in a place with a top-level of safety.


Uses for self-storage




The lack of space may be the primary reason that pushes you to delay thinking about renovating your home or flat. if you decide to renovate your whole house, you will find it impossible to keep your furniture and valuable items safe during the process, even if you decide to renovate only one room, moving its items to other rooms will make it difficult to stay in this narrow space and this may also lead to break any of your variable items. The safety and affordable cost of renting a self-storage unit during your home renovation could be enough to encourage you to use it as a solution instead.




Moving to another place may be the most common time when you will need to rent a self-storage unit, this process shouldn’t be done in a rush. Moving your home furniture and other items directly to your new home will make it too difficult to organize them and will cause some damages. Keeping a part of those items especially the valuable ones in a self-storage unit will help you to have extra space to be able to think wisely while rearranging furniture in your new home.


College summers


UK is a target destination for a lot of different students from remote cities and even remote countries to study at top universities especially those in London. In summer holiday, students have two options, either to take their things home with them or to keep them in somewhere safe until they come back. This always make them thinking a lot for a solution. But, is there a better solution or somewhere safer than self-storage!




In recent years, shifting into a smaller home has become a trend in top cities such as London, when people compare living in a small home in the heart of the city to living in a big home remotely, they find that it is wise to live in a small home in the city if the space will be enough for essential items only. Furthermore, they you will be able to save a lot of money that could be paid unwisely if you rent a bigger home. Thinking about downsizing will make you worried about the place where you can keep valuable items safe until getting rid of unwanted items. Renting a self-storage unit could be more than enough to solve this situation.


Variable sizes of self-storage

You can find different self-storage places to consider, but selecting the correct size of your required unit is the main thing to think about because this will help you to pay rent for the space size that is actually required for your stored items.

5 x 5 (25 square feet): this self-storage size is primary made for college students as it works the same like a small closet. It can cold few boxes and up to two furniture items like a table and a chair. This small-sized self-storage unit costs only £46 per month.

5 x 10 (50 square feet):this size is suitable for storing main items of a small bed room, this space could be enough to store the main furniture items of a specific room including the bed.£56 is the average monthly cost of this size.

10 x 10 (100 square feet):this size is related to mid-sized self-storage units that is enough to store items of a big bed room or two small bed rooms. The average cost for renting a unit with this self-storage size is about£92 per month.

10 x 15 (150 square feet):this is the first size to think about for bigger needs, it can afford approximately all elements of a whole house with one bed room. It can also store small cars and boats but this option should be discussed first with the storage facility. £115 per month are acceptable if compared to all items that could be safely stored.

10 x 20 (200 square feet): this large size could be shared by families living in a large house with up to four bedrooms. It will not only afford home furniture and cars, it can restore also big vehicles like trucks and trailers. The monthly rate of a large self-storage unit like this is£150.



Prices and special offers

In general, the cost of renting a self-storage unit is paid on a monthly basis. The previously mentioned prices are approximately fixed but with some negotiations you can get a better offer especially if you are going to sign a contract for a longer period. The change in prices from a facility to another one depends on different factors.

  • Size: this is the number 1 factor that determines the cost of renting, the bigger the self-storage unit, the more you will pay for rent.
  • Facility location: the place where the facility exists also have an effect of proposed offers. If the facility is far from the city or in rural areas, prices could be lower than those of facilities inside the city.
  • Unit location: inside the facility itself, prices of units are a little bit different based on the ease of reach. For example, self-storage units that are on the first floor or near the elevator could charge you more money than other units.

Many facilities encourage customers by special offers, the most common offers by different facilities is to have a 50% discount on you first two months or to have a free month for longer contracts.The way you pay could also help you to get better offers. If you paid upfront for many months instead of paying a month by a month, you can get up to 25% discount on the cost ofeach month.