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29th, January 2020

Modern window shutters for your home

Your spent efforts on selecting best interior window shutters are not lower than your efforts spent on selecting furniture for your home. That’s because of the wide range of options available in different sizes, designs and materials. These factors should be related to the style of your house in order to select the most suitable option. In UK, the trend is going the way of simple window shutters such as full height shutters. However, people in London are more familiar with café style options having a modern twist after being combined with contemporary tilt rod option.

Not to be confused, we will introduce the most popular window shutters in UK and how they could be a good treatment for your home windows. Furthermore, we will introduce different treatment options for your home windows and differentiate between them, but the decision at last will be left to you.


Interior window shutters


Full Height Shutters 


Full height shutters are considered the most popular type of window shutters, this type is not as tall as other interior window shutters. It is designed cover the full length of your home window. Shutters in this type are expected to not open at all. So, they are designed to be the same as the natural design of your home window and this helps to maximize lights entering into your home. There are different customized options of full height shutters to meet your different requirements. For those who seek the simple way, they will find no better than this type.


Cafe Style Shutters 


Café style shutters are primary used for tall windows that expands to most of the length of the wall. They cover the bottom half of the window to ensure privacy and let the rest of the window without covering to let the light get into your home. For properties that are directly overclocking street level such as basement houses or flats, café style shutters are the best option for them. To ensure a higher level of privacy you may need to combine café style shutters with either blinds or curtains.


Solid Shutters 


Solid shutters are made according to the traditional design, their purpose is to cover the whole size of the window. These shutters are not only used for windows, there are other options customized for wardrobe doors or to divide rooms. There are many benefits of these shutters including overall control of light, higher level of security and noise insulation.


Shaped Shutters 


You can deduct from their name “shaped shutters” that they are customized into too many shapes to fit different windows even those with most difficult designs. Regardless the shape or size of your interior window, you will find different stylish shaped shutters solutions that meet your taste and your usage requirements.


Tier on Tier Shutters 


Tier on Tier shutters add to the flexibility of Café style shutters as it divides the interior window into separate sections, while they can cover the whole window, the bottom half could be closed while the top half is opened to let the light get in. both the top and the bottom half are designed to be like stable doors. So, they are independent of one another.


Blinds VS Curtains

Blinds and curtains are two major treatments for your home windows, both of them have advantages and disadvantages. But, we can’t prefer one of them to the other option because this as a private decision based on your own preferences and these two options are different in materials and the way of installation.




There is no constant type of blinds, they are divided into four main types:

  • Vertical blinds: these blends are more suitable for long windows because they are made from wood, plastic or fabric that is hanging easily from a horizontal track.
  • Roller blinds: these blinds are panels that are rolled to a horizontal pole and they are made from fabric.
  • Roman shades: similar to roller blinds but they are gathered when raised.
  • Venetian blends: these blinds are horizontal slats that will make it easy to control the light.

Having blinds for 8 home windows will cost you from £263 to £572 according to the type and quality of these blinds.

Advantages of blinds

  • More control of light
  • Less expensive
  • Cleaned easily

Disadvantages of blinds

  • Less energy efficient
  • Few designs




These home window coverings are made from light fabrics that is heavier and long enough to reach the floor.

Prices differ according to the quality of the product, buying curtains for 8 home windows may cost you from £305 to £1525.

Advantages of curtains

  • Block light effectively
  • Energy efficient
  • Many designs

Disadvantages of curtains

  • Difficult to clean
  • Expensive

Before taking your decision, there are different factors to consider while comparing between blinds and curtains.

Energy efficiency: if your home is exposing to extreme climates, curtains especially the expensive thermal-backed types are more recommended to use because they will block either cold or heat from entering your home. But, you should know that you will also block the natural light as well. Blinds can also block heat in summer and allowing light to enter your home, but in winter they are less efficient because they can’t block cold as well as curtains.

Design: curtains are more cooperative in terms of your home design than blinds. That’s because curtains are introduced with too many colors and designs to fit the design and colors of your furniture. Blinds are also introduced with many colors and styles but not as variable as curtains. Some people depend on one option instead of the other while some other people have a combination of blinds and curtains to introduce design variety to their home.

Light: if you seek to block all the outside light from entering your home, you are more recommended to buy curtains. But if you seek a reasonable allowance for light to enter your home, blinds will be better for this purpose.

Finally, you should make sure that your selected window shutters are attached with reasonable window treatments either curtains or blinds based on your home requirements.