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29th, January 2020

The Essential Guide to buying Contact Lenses online

100 years ago, contact lenses have been invented as a substitution to glasses for sight correction. They were previously made from glass and then from hard plastic but now they are made from soft plastic. They are too small, thin and soft. So, you can easily put them on the surface of your eyes. You can wear colored contact lenses for different occasions. But, if you primarily want to wear them for eye conditions, you should visit an eye doctor for prescription in order to get the correct contact lenses for your eyes.

In this topic, we will discuss the three major types of contact lenses, who can wear them and we will answer frequently asked questions that may be going into your mind if you have never worn contact lenses.


What kinds of contact lenses?

Before going to an eye doctor for a prescription, you may need to have some knowledge about the different kinds of contact lenses. There are three main categories of these lenses.


Soft contact lenses


This is the latest invented contact lenses type that has become the most popular type for contact lenses wearers. In UK, there are about 3.7 million people who are wearing contact lenses. The majority of them wear soft contact lenses. These measures are developed by the British contact lenses association (BCLA). Being made based on latest optical technology, soft contact lenses are considered the most flexible and comfortable type. There are four main versions of soft contact lenses to fit different people with different lifestyles.


Daily disposable

This type is also called dailies as they are only used for only one day then they are thrown away. You may either take them off or they will drop naturally when your eyes dry out. This type is mostly used by busy professionals or by people who only need them for occasions.


Two weekly disposable

The name explains that these lenses could be worn on a daily basis for two weeks, then you will need to replace them with a new pair. At this period, you will have to clean your lenses every day. So, a lens solution should be bought for this purpose. These lenses are usually used by teenagers who don’t want take care too much of their lenses like others with monthly disposable lenses do.


Monthly disposables

These lenses are also called monthlies. The same as two weekly disposable lenses but they last for a month and require more cleaning attention and to be carefully stored at night


Extended wear contact lenses

These lenses are the latest improvement of the industry of lenses. There are also different versions like those who are daily, two-weekly or monthly disposable. Extended wear contact lenses are made from silicone hydrogel that allows oxygen to reach the surface of your real eyes five times more than other types. Furthermore, these lenses require low maintenance if compared to other types and they can be worn while sleeping or having a shower.


Gas permeable contact lenses


Gas permeable contact lenses are also called hard lenses, they are introduced without water unlike soft contact lenses. But, they are also comfortable for eyes. Gas permeable lenses are invented before soft lenses and they have many different benefits for specific types of people. While soft lenses needs to be selected carefully based on a precise prescription, Gas permeable lenses can fit different prescriptions and different types of eyes. Furthermore, Gas permeable contact lenses last for longer periods from six months to a whole year. So, you will not be required to replace them regularly like soft lenses.

Gas permeable contact lenses are suitable for people with eye problems that lead to irregular vision of shapes or for people who tried soft lenses but didn’t experience a sharp vision.


Colored Contact Lenses


These lenses are primarily soft contact lenses that are customized for those people who want to change the color appearance of their eyes. So, you will find this type produced in a wide range of colors. Like soft lenses, there are daily disposal versions and monthly disposal versions. People who wear these lenses as a treatment for short or long sightedness will need a prescription from an eye doctor while others who only wear them for cosmetic use will need no prescription but they should also make sure that the selected lenses fit their eyes.


Who can wear contact lenses?



Wearing contact lenses shouldn’t be based on your personal decision. They are medical inventions by nature. Even people who want to wear them to change the color of their eyes have limitations. So, you should check this matter with an eye doctor at first who will check your eye condition to make sure that wearing contact lenses are not harmful for you and to write a prescription with the appropriate contact lenses for your eyes.

In fact, 90% of people who wear glasses can wear contact lenses. The remaining who have eye infections, have issues with eye lubrication, suffer from allergic reaction of expose their eyes to dust shouldn’t be allowed to wear contact lenses.

If you ignored that and didn’t follow your eye doctor instructions, you may later experience problems such as eye pain, redness or vision change.


Frequently asked questions and answers

If you have never worn contact lenses, there are some common questions that may be going into your mind like others who also think about trying them. These questions are usually asked even before checking an eye doctor.


Can you extend the life of contact lenses?

Daily disposable and monthly disposable contact lenses are totally different. So, never think about using daily disposable lenses again after you take them off. This may expose your eyes to the risk of infection. Monthly disposable lenses have also a life time of 30 days with an allowance for 6 more days. But, it is recommended to change them once their life time has passed.


Can you replace daily disposable lenses by monthly disposable lenses?

Switching decision may be based on a better experience of one of your friends or family members who feels convenient with his type of contact lenses. But, this doesn’t mean that his type could fit you when you replace your worn contact lenses by it. This decision should also be taken after your eye doctor permission.


Is it essential to get a prescription for contact lenses if you are already wearing glasses?

Both glasses and contact lenses are medications for sight correction. But, wearing glasses is not enough as a permission to wear contact lenses. You will need a separate prescription for contact lenses because they require different measurements to fit the base curve and diameter of your eyes.