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22nd, January 2020

Go natural with organic beauty products

Your beauty is a gift that requires you to pay more attention about what products you are using to keep it going on. Your skin and your hair are the basic signs of your beauty. So, you should focus on organic beauty products to care about them and keep away from chemical products that may be easy at the beginning but they will definitely cause harm on the long run. In this topic we will introduce most popular organic beauty products for both your skin and your hair, what common brands to consider and what ingredients to avoid to make sure that you are depending on natural and organic cosmetics.

Most popular organic beauty products

In today’s life, beauty brands are competing to produce products that meet customer needs in terms of being as organic as possible and at reasonable prices. We will introduce some of the best products produced by highly rated brands of skin and hair care.



For skin care

You should deal with your skin especially your facial skin carefully. When you look for cosmetic products to depend on, make sure to read what ingredients are included and up to what percentage the product is organic.


Organic facial oil (by Sarah)


When you think about facial skin care products, Organic facial oil by Sarah should come first in your mind. For two consecutive years it is ranked first among all organic competitors. It costs £32 and this could be more expensive than other products but when you make sure that your facial skin is treated by a 99% organic and 100% natural product, you will find it encouraging to sacrifice money for your efficient skin care. Ingredients include organic Apricot oil for longer nourishment, organic pumpkin seed oil to calm and soften your skin and many other organic beneficial ingredients.


Gentle Moisturizer (by Botanicals)


Botanicals is a trusted brand by most of cosmetic customers and it is approved by the soil association because its products are considered one of the highest standard products that are organic. Gentle moisturizer is introduced with 91% organic ingredients to care about your face issues especially face oils as it quickly absorbs them to have a residue-free face skin. When you try this product, you will make sure that it worth the £24.50 price.


Green clay cleansing balm (by Sarah)


This product is also introduced by Sarah brand and it is 100% natural as it is based on plant. It is also an 84% organic cleansing balm. The main benefit of this product is to have clean and nourished skin to raise the life of your healthy skin. It will cost you £29.50 to get it. What is attractive about this product is that it can deal with traces of other makeup products thanks to the organic virgin coconut oil included in it?


Zap & Clear Serum (by Green People)


Green people is a well-known brand for organic skin and hair products. Zap & Clear Serum is introduced by the company for people who suffer from spots. When you depend on this product and use it regularly, redness will be calmed quickly to prevent spots from eruption. This gel is 88% organic and its £14 price is affordable by most of people.

For hair care

Most of hair problems such as hail falls are caused by products that depend on chemicals. Try to keep away from these products and focus on organic hair care products that will power, nourish and protect your hair.


Fig & Vanilla Shampoo (by Natural Spa Factory)

Natural spa factory is a brand launched in 2009 that depends on botanical sources for its products ingredients. These products are popular it UK and France with their delicious smelling. You can find Fig & Vanilla shampoo in spas and hotels all over the world, but it is possible to afford its price for home use. It costs £12 per each but you can benefit from discounts and buy the due for less price that could be £20. This product is vegan and free from harmful ingredients like parabens and SLS.

Jojoba & Avocado (by Kind Natured)

jojoba-& -avocado

Kind natured products are the most affordable by all people thanks to low prices. Furthermore, they are free from paraben and sulphate ingredients. Jojoba & avocado is one of the most common four products produced by the company. It is used for deep nourishing and it helps you to dry your hair. The 250ml comes with a£4.99 price. However, it is 97% natural and the company is still working to reach the 100%. So this product could be the best value of money.


Aura Botanical Masque Fundamental (by KERASTASE)



This product maybe more expensive than others but it is a 98% natural hair mask that will dry or sensitize your hair efficiently. The price is £17.25 for the 200ml version and £25.50 for the 250ml version. KERASTASE brand paid more attention to Aura Botanical series to have 10 products for hair care. Ingredients included in the Aura Botanical are Brazil nut oil from the amazon, fats and vitamin E & B without any introduction of paraben or sulphate.


Ingredients to avoid

Cosmetic products can be either beneficial or harmful like anything else you use for your body. As you care about organic foods and drinks that are inserted into your body, you should also care about products that are used outside your body. There are some ingredients used in some of skin and hair care products. When you find these ingredients at unreasonable percentage, never use the product.


Ingredients to avoid for skin care

Polyethylene: this ingredient could be included in body wash and makeup products. This ingredient makes products gentler on the skin than other organic products but its synthetic chemicals can penetrate your skin and cause skin irritant.

Petroleum distillates: these are used in mascara. The included chemicals are so harmful and may lead to cancer.

Oxybenzone: this could be included in sunscreen. Its risky chemical are linked to many harmful effects such as skin allergy, hormone system disruption or endometriosis in women.


Ingredients to avoid for hair care

Parabens: these ingredients are used to increase the life time of cosmetic products, but studies showed how using them in high levels could lead to breast cancer.

Sulphates: these are used especially in cheap cosmetic products to give them lather.


So, try to keep away from harmful ingredients and don’t be fooled by low prices and marketing lies. Live it natural and rely on organic beauty products even if the will let you pay a little bit more.