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22nd, January 2020

Take to the wave: Cruise deals for seniors

Seniors nowadays care about their health, want to be as active as the young and have the desire to add more experiences to their long living life. Planning for a cruise could be the best memorable experience seniors can ever have. A cruise will offer cultural enrichment, adventure and some luxury time. If you have old favorite destinations that you were always dreaming of visiting, it’s time to live these dreams. In this topic, we will help you by introducing some of the most common cruise lines, spent durations by different cruises, available destination offered by these lines and the entertainment chances offered to make you get the best luxury journey you deserve.

Before introducing the top cruise lines and ships, there are some important elements to consider as they will help in determining the best cruise line that matches your needs.
• The duration you plan to have on the cruise
• How many members will you travel with
• Mobility issues or health conditions
• What you are really expect from the cruise
• Your budget considerations


Top cruise lines and ships


Holland America line

The 140 years of experience enabled Holland America line to understand travel needs of different categories of passengers. So, it customizes different cruises for different requirements of passengers.

Duration: Holland cruises take 10 days or more by few days but there are also the grand world voyages that may last for longer duration.

Destinations: thanks to the +500 offered itineraries in about 100 countries all over the world, Holland America line covers all the world including Australia, the south Pacific, Antarctica, Alaska, the Mediterranean and the north of Europe.

Entertainment & facilities: the Holland line offers different entertainment programs for both normal passengers and adventitious cruisers. Bigger ships are made to satisfy most passengers be including films in the movie theater that help them to know about destinations before arrival. Other activities include the participation of passengers in the American test kitchen that help them to show their cooking skills. For adventurous cruisers, Zodiac tours are customized as small boats that are able to reach remote areas in Australia, Asia and New Zealand.

Oceania cruises


Oceania own 6 luxury ships that are designed to afford passengers in different ranges from 684 passengers to 1,250 passengers. The average age of seniors is 55 years old. Dining at specific restaurants is available with no additional cost but if you want to have alcoholic beverages and wines you may require buying additional packages.

Duration: most Oceania cruises take from 10 days to 14 days, but there are other options that last for 22 days. If you are planning for more, the Oceania annual cruise that takes 180 days around the world could be the best choice for you.

Destinations: Oceania wide range of cruises enables it to cover approximately the whole world, destinations include Africa, Europe, Asia, Canada, Alaska, the Caribbean, South America and Australia.

Entertainment & facilities: the available entertainment program satisfies both active seniors and less active seniors. For active seniors, they will be able to play with dolphins the French Polynesia or go hiking in the Brazilian amazon. For less active seniors, they can do shopping in Nice markets. Furthermore, Oceania allows for numerous land tours during the cruise to enable travelers to have on land trips such as visiting Everest or having an African Safari.

Viking River & Ocean cruises


Viking covers both river and ocean cruises, all ships accept only adults that are more than 18 years old but the most targeted adults are 50 years old or older. Prices are inclusive as they cover all meals, lectures, onboard activities and onshore tours.

Duration: it differs based on either you chose a river cruise or an ocean cruise, river cruises lasts for about 23 days while ocean cruises lasts longer for a month or more.

Destinations: river cruises focuses on destinations in Europe and Asia while ocean cruises covers the whole world. Viking ocean cruises have a competitive advantage of reaching places that couldn’t be reached by other cruise lines such as visiting small family farms in Bergen, Norway. Viking cruises have assigned five ships that afford about 930 passengers.

Entertainment & facilities: only casinos are not available, that’s because Viking is focusing on cultural enrichment. So, you will have many beneficial lectures and TED talks, watch 3D films in the exploder’s Dome that is similar to a theater but with higher technology or learning new recipes of different destinations through cooking classes.


Avalon waterways


Seniors who are looking for more relaxation may be attracted by Avalon waterways river cruises more than other Ocean cruises. Avalon only suites in the industry of river cruising. The prices you would pay for an Avalon cruise covers many services including meals and wine at breakfast, dinner and lunch in addition to entertainments onboard and onshore.

Duration: different Avalon cruises requires different durations. The Avalon magnificent Europe cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest takes about two weeks, while other cruises like travelling from Paris to Normandy beaches or travelling from Holland to Belgium require less duration.

Destinations:these cruises focus more on Europe destinations but there are also some cruses Vietnam and Cambodia.

Entertainment & facilities: what could be more relaxing than waking up from your bed that lies in front of a sliding glass to stand in a balcony and find yourself in a new destination in another country? You will also have access to several meals options including vegetarian dishes prepared by the two famous Austrian chefs, the brothers Wrenkh. To meet expectations of different passengers, Avalon provides three programs based on the passengers levels of activity. The classic one covers the history of the targeted destination using a local guide, the discovery one introduces more interactions with cultures of visited locations, while the active tours provide onboard and onshore experiences through biking or hiking.


These cruise lines are of the most common lines, but there are also other cruise deals for seniors offered by other cruise lines such as Silversea cruises, Crystal cruises, Celebrity cruises, and more.