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22nd, January 2020

Get the most from you cheap car rentals

UK visitors should know that there are more than 11,000 miles of a stunning coastline. So, renting a car will be essential to get the best of your journey by experiencing scenic drives while you are moving from a landmark to another. You don’t want to miss London landmarks, ancient fortresses and stoic towers of Scotland, and the rugged coastline of wales. So, narrow these distances by a luxury rented car and enjoy your trip. In UK, you will find many rental companies that will make you confused if it was your first time and you don’t know what to trust. In this topic, we will introduce top 3 UK rental companies, the type of car that will meet your needs and tips to consider for better deals and lower charges

Top 3 UK rental companies



Hertz is one of the main international rental companies and it has a very strong existence in the UK either in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) or in Northern Ireland. You can find Hertz anywhere in the UK as they exist in many locations to make it more accessible by most people.You can move with your rented car from any Great Britain country to Northern Ireland but this will cost you some fees, you can also drive to the republic of Ireland, but you should drop it off in the country where you rented.

The rental cost per day in Hertz differs according to many factors including the type of car and the added services like insurance, but the least possible rate is £13 per day.



Sixt is well-known in Europe and it is a strong competitor in UK. You can find it in different locations especially in major UK cities and airports. Cars in Sixt are available in both good conditions and affordable rental rates especially in Northern Ireland. Try to ask about the mandatory insurance to know if it is included or not. So, you will be cautious about for what you are paying. The majority of reviews about Sixt are positive. There are only few negative reviews, maybe because of renting indirectly or by not paying attention to the inclusion of insurance in the contract.

The rental rate per day in Sixt starts with £12 per day, but it could be more for cars that are higher in quality


Avis enjoys a very good reputation all over the world including UK, it exists mainly in major cities and airports. It provide you with a wide range of cars in excellent conditions. So, you will find it hard to select from all of the available options. In contrast to Hertz, a rented car from Avis doesn’t enable you to move with it from Northern Ireland to any country in Great Britain. You will only be able to move to the republic of Ireland by paying cross borders fees. To make sure that you pay the actual rental price, it is recommended to rent from the official UK website of Avis or from a representative in UK.

Like Hertz, Avis rental cost per day starts with £13 per day and increase if you asked for a compact or a premium car.

What type of car to hire in terms of your destination, budget and number of passengers?


Mini car


Mini cars are suitable for those who don’t plan to drive for longer distances. However, these cars have a very powerful engine that enables drivers to reach their destinations quickly at a higher speed. You will drive it comfortably while you are exploring England Urban areas like Warwick and Stratford or the Yorkshire dales towns. These cars also come in the best competitive rental price. So, you will enjoy your trip without paying too much money for other transportation means like Taxis or public transportation. If you have one, two or three partners, don’t worry as this car can afford up to four passengers.


Large compact car

This car is suitable for those who are planning for driving to longer distances to explore more spaces of the UK, it offers also extra room for luggage that could be used for shopping or carrying your bags from or to the airport. These cars are more preferred for family visits, business trips or especial events. That’s because of the available capacity that afford up to 5 or 6 passengers.

Premium coupe car

If you have a special occasion, you will need to live it as prestigious as possible. So, you may be attracted by a premium car from the most reputable brands such as Mercedes, Audi or Jaguar. The high specification engine technology, high quality tyres and LED lighting will make you believe that your money is not wasted on quality and comfort. Latest systems are also included such as navigation system and sound system. A premium cope care is the best for business meetings as you can’t be unnoticed as a business man in a top prestigious car. Especial occasions like your birthday or your wedding can also be memorable with a premium coupe car. This car affords only two passengers, your partner could be a business partner, your girlfriend or your wife.


Tips for better deals and lower charges

For the first time, you would expose to additional charges that could be avoided if you previously prepared yourself to overcome them. Here are some tips to consider.


Booking in advance: when you surf rental prices for the next week and compare them to rental prices of the next 2 months for example, you will deduct that the earlier you book, the lower price you will be charged.


Keep away from one way fees: some companies accept to drop off the car in other destination rather than the one where you already got the car, but other companies don’t accept that. So, to avoid fees of dropping off the car in a different place, make sure that this is acceptable in the contract or give yourself plenty of time to bring it back to its first place.


Substitute sat navigation: as a new visitor, you will rely mostly on maps to visit different destination. This need encourages rental companies to ask for fees for using sat navigation in the car. So, it is recommenced to ignore this and depend on an application on your mobile such as HERE WeGo that will let you download maps and use them offline.


Be wise about brimming: rental companies give you a car with a full tank, but it also requires you to bring it back with a full tank. Retailers who are close to rental companies knows that you will look for them to refuel the car to avoid penalties. So, they will ask for higher prices. To be wise, buy fuels from somewhere else that is far enough from the rental company.


At last, don’t forget to enjoy your trip and make benefit from your rented car as much as possible to have a memorable trip that will always be remembered.