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21st, January 2020

Broadband bundles for your home

Broadband bundles are considered the best choice for different categories of people as they provide you with many services from a specific provider for a certain monthly price. If you love to spend your free time watching TV, a broadband bundle will give you access to a lot of Live TV, sports, shows and movies with a paid package that will save you a lot of money through bundling. There are also good broadband deals for streamers who prefer to have online services such as Amazon prime and Netflix of their TVs. Furthermore, if you buy a broadband bundle alongside a telephone line rental, you will get a good discount in addition to having an encouraging deal on how much calls you will have on local, national and international numbers. In this topic, we will mention the most popular broadband bundles providers, things to consider before choosing the best broadband bundle, what could be included in your broadband bundle, how to save money on your broadband bundle and what should be considered if you decided to switch your provider.

Most popular broadband bundles providers

The high competition in the market of internet service providers (ISPs) will make you regularly check and compare TV and bundles offers until you decide on the best deal. Providers try attract customers by frequent offers and discounts. We will show some of the best broadband bundles providers in UK but you should make sure that your area is covered by your selected one.


Virgin media

virgin media

This provider offer approximately uncountable loads of channels that will make it a challenge for yourself to watch them. This variety will make it more difficult to select what you really want on your package. We will recommend some of the best bundles that are offered by Virgin Media.

Big bundle: it comes with more than 110 channels, some of them are free to air while others in HD, you will also be able to add some channels from Sky sports, Sky cinema or BT sports but for additional cost.

Bigger bundle: the limit is increased by this bundle to reach more than 230 channels, you can rarely find an exempted UK channel on this bundle. 45 of these channels come in HD.

Bigger & movie bundle: this one include more than 250 channels containing Sky cinema

Bigger & Sports bundle: this one include more than 240 channels containing sky sports and BT sports.

Bigger & Sports & movie bundle: this will cover all of your dreams by more than 260 channels including Sky sports, BT sports and Sky cinema.


Examples of Virgin media deals

examples-virgin- media-deals

This is consider one of the first providers in UK who introduced internet in order to watch what you had already missed. BT TV has changed the industry by replacing the Set-top box with YouView, then it launched BT sports as a competitor to Sky sports. Now, it is easy to watch whatever you want and whenever you prefer on BT TV thanks to the availability of Netflix. It maybe a little bit more expensive than other providers, but packages are made to meet different budgets.

When you select BT TV, you will get a YouView box that include TV, on-demand and apps like Netflix. There are three main choices for you:

  • Starter: it includes a YouView box that enables you to pause and rewind shows but it doesn’t enable you to record.
  • Entertainment: this one includes about 25 premium channels and it will allow you to pause, rewind and also record about 300 hours of different shows.
  • Max: this is the top package that comes with an ultra YouView HD box including extra 50 premium channels that come in 4K definition.


Examples of BT TV deals

examples-bt-tv- deals

Despite having fewer numbers of channels in contrast to other providers, TalkTalk TV is straight to the point and perfectly customizable. What is also remarkable about this provider is the cost as it is considered one of the least expensive in UK. There are many different deals you can buy from TalkTalk TV but all of them are included under an umbrella of two main packages:

TV: this is the basic package by which you will get a free box with 80 channels, you will be able to pause and rewind up to thirty minutes from any live show. This package is attached with two mobile apps that could be downloaded easily on your smartphone or tablet.

  • TalkTalk TV planner app: you can use this app when you are connected to Wi-Fi to record and set reminders from anywhere you are.
  • TV2Go app: you can use it to watch on-demand TV once you are connected to Wi-Fi

TV plus: this is the higher class package as it include all of the TV package in addition to more services such as the ability to record 185 hours from live shows and getting more extra channels especially from Sky.


Packages from TalkTalk TV include the following:

  • 30 entertainment channels like Fox, Gold, Sky one and Sky arts
  • 11 Sky cinema channels
  • Channels for children like Disney, cartoon and nicktoons
  • Some of Indian TV shows and Bollywood movies
  • 1o sky sports channels introducing Premier League, Cricket and Formula 1


Examples of TalkTalk deals


The wide range packages offered by sky TV from TV shows, moves, programs, sports and even kids’ TV may make you confused about selecting the most suitable package. Just make sure that you select the collections of channels that you really want on your package. What will make it easier for you is the simple classification made on channels provided by sky TV such as the following:

Sky sports: there are seven channels available, you can select all of them or you can only add what you want to your package.

  • Sky sports football
  • Sky sports premier league
  • Sky sports golf
  • Sky sports F1
  • Sky sports cricket
  • Sky sports action
  • Sky sports arena

Sky cinema: here you will find ten movie channels that will include approximately all genres you may expect.

Sky entertainment: channels that are available here cover many different fields such as comedy, drama, music and arts. You will find many channels to introduce these fields such as:

  • Sky one
  • Sky two
  • Sky Atlantic
  • Sky arts


Examples of Sky deals

examples-sky- deals

How to save £on your broadband bundle

Your current package may cost you money for unrequired services. So, there are some tips to consider for the reason of cutting down the cost of your broadband bundle.

  • When the time pass, your previously selected channels and services may not be required today. For example, if you hired a fiber optic package to serve the gaming mania of your kids, it wouldn’t be required when they become university students. So, you should talk to your provider to have a more suitable package for less price.
  • You should measure your internet usage before selecting your package. If you are not using the internet frequently, you can rely on data caps. But if you are using it frequently, data caps would cost you more additional cost if you go over limitations. So, try to find the package that is related to you internet using size.
  • Don’t buy separate packages for your TV and phone from different providers, try to bundle your packages from the same provider.


If all of the previous tips didn’t work, the problem could be with your provider. So, it is the time to think about switching your provider.


Things to consider when you switch a broadband bundles provider

Price comparison tool: this tool is available online to compare prices of different broadband providers to find the best option that exists for your area.

Your contract: try to wait until you be free from minimum terms of the contract with your existing provider before switching otherwise you could be liable to pay cancellation fees.

The internet speed: make sure that you will sign a new contract with a new provider. So, make sure to select the actual internet speed you want. Bighouseholds normally use 24MB or above but if you don’t really know how much speed you want, use the speed checker to determine your current need of speed.